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I was disappoint with particular episode. Especially the ending. Such a mean thing to do.

At the final scene in last week’s episode Mr. Wednesday put Black Betty in front of the train to stop it. Mad Sweeney, Laura and Shadow were all in there on the train, when the explosion happened.

First scene in Muninn, Was Laura blown to pieces. Black Betty fixed herself for Mr. Wednesday. Mr. Wednesday knew that Shadow survived but left him anyway. Laura’s pieces were gathered and brought to Ibis who sew her back together. He warned her this repair would only last a week. Meanwhile, Mad Sweeney is heading to New Orleans. Mad Sweeney has worse luck the further he gets away from Laura he was picked up by a christian rock band. Laura chooses to go with Mr. Wednesday even though Mad Sweeney says he has a way to bring her life back so she no longer needs the coin.

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Odin kills the white cow who was Zeus’s lover Io after Hera turned her into a cow and Argus was to watch over her Odin had Laura not only kill Argus but she “sacrificed” the library. Meanwhile the jinn and Salim collected Odin’s spear and a sprout.

Mr. World gave Techboy a mission and they fought about what to do and how to do it. Because Argus is an Old God you must respect him and tred carefully.New Media finally appeared. No longer is Gillian Anderson play Media but a new girl Kahyun Kim, is New Media. New Media seems to have betrayed Mr. World she wanted to get plugged in and Argus let her as she seduced him. Laura killed Argus with Media attached to him Mr. Wednesday left her there but killing Argus gave Laura a heartbeat and restored her for the moment. Techboy watched her do it and made no move to stop her.

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While this is going on, Shadow is spoken to by Odin bird Muninn. Muninn tells Shadow to get to the Egyptians in Cairo. He finally makes his way there. That’s were the story ends. Are you enjoying my reviews? Comment in comments below. Til next week. ..