Hello Game of Nerds Fans! We are Coloured Contacts and we are delighted to be offered the chance to be featured and to tell you a little more about our cosplay contact lenses. These awesome accessories can be a huge part of creating the perfect pop culture costume.

So many superheroes, famous figures and iconic characters have amazing eye colours! Some have crazy-shaped pupils and iris designs that could really stand out if replicated in Cosplay. Let us tell you a little more about these cool accessories and how to best use them.

Cosplay Contacts in Action

A great current topic for discussing cosplay contact lenses is of course Game of Thrones. The iconic TV show features a host of awesome characters that are often the centre of Cosplay focus. White walkers are always a popular pick amongst some of the Cosplayers and MUAs we have worked with. Prepare yourselves, the Game of Thrones Cosplays are coming!


See more on our White Walker Contact Lenses here.

We’ve been delighted to have our lenses featured in so many cool and creative looks on Instagram. Some of the awesome influencers we have worked with do love a bit of horror; so you’re sure to find many pretty creepy looks where our colored contact lenses have been featured.


If you’d like to see more of the styles in action, you’re more than welcome to check out our Coloured Contacts Gallery page.

Staying Safe with Coloured Contacts

It’s hugely important for us that Cosplayers and all kinds of contact lens users stay safe when using coloured contact lenses. There are certainly risks involved when contact lenses are not used properly and when care and maintenance is not adhered to. As such, we’re spreading the word about contact lens care to ensure everyone’s eyes are safe if they choose to try out coloured contact lenses.

For those of you considering trying Cosplay coloured contacts, make sure to read up on everything about contact lens care. This spans from how to safely remove lenses from the packaging to on how best to store them between uses.


We have compiled a complete collection of Contact Lens Care Guides which we advise all contact lens users to check out – even the experts out there! We invite all users to download our care pamphlet to use for contact lens preparation for upcoming events, conventions and costume competitions.

Final Tips on Buying Coloured Contacts

Here is some additional advice you can follow when it comes to shopping Cosplay contact lenses online.

  • Know Your Prescription – it’s important to get contact lenses that match your current prescription. Matching the measurement of the contact lenses to your eyes ensures they fit properly, are comfortable to wear and remain safe to use.
  • Get Optician’s Advice – your optician is the best person to give advice on the suitability of your eyes for wearing any kind of contact lens. Some of our eyes just simply aren’t suited to cosmetic contact lenses, so it’s always importance to heed the guidance of a professional.
  • Check For FDA Approval – this marking on the product shows that the seller and/or manufacturer have been permitted by the FDA to sell coloured contact lenses. Ensure that wherever you purchase your colored contacts, you see that the products have FDA approval.

If you are an avid Cosplayer, or simply a fan of costume and makeup, make sure to come and say hello on our social media channels. We’re always looking to engage with and share the work of talented individuals who love our Cosplay contact lenses. As now part of the Game of Nerds community, we’ll always welcome those that have no shame in having an unhealthy obsession with a fandom!


For those interested, you can find all of our colored contacts available for purchase on our site.