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Photo taken via direct screenshot from the trailer.

Not only are tickets for Marvel’s grand epic Avengers: End Game on sale RIGHT NOW, but they also surprised everyone with a fantastic new minute long trailer.   A trailer that gives us more glimpses of what’s to come than anything we’ve seen before.

Let’s watch it again shall we? Then I’ll go step by step through and see what we can learn from the new footage. Please note that there will not be any mention about, or correlation between, the new footage and any details gained from leaked set photographs.

Lets Begin!

  • Opening shot of Avengers HQ in the evening/or Dusk. Could this be just before a potenial attack on the Headquarters?
  • Banner talks about the potenial of the team seemingly going on the offensive against Thanos.
  • “We owe this to everyone who’s not in this room to try.”
  • Natasha grieving in the rain.
  • Great show of Steve looking into the bathroom mirror.
  • Same shot from the second full trailer of the quintet going towards a city skyline.
  • Rocket and Nebula holding each other’s hand.  While this clearly shows that Nebula makes it back to Earth alright, there’s a detail that may have slipped under your radar. This may be the moment, or just after, that Rocket learns for the first time that all of the other Guardians are dead. Pretty tragic.
  • Pepper embracing Tony after he lands back on Earth.
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Photo taken via direct screenshot from the trailer.

  • “It’s not about how much we lost. It’s about how much we have left.”
  • A fantastic look at Iron Man’s new Mark 85 suit.  Looks fantastic, and has a great classic paint job to it.  When/where does this take place though? New York City? It reminds me of a similar shot to when Stark first arrives in NYC in Avengers just before the Battle of New York.
  • A good look at Clint, who now sports a very detailed tattoo sleeve.
  • Natasha, whose hair shows both the Red and Blonde hair.  It would seem it’s trying to indicate time having passed by.
  • A different angle of Thor as he catches Stormbreaker. The same scene as from the end of the last trailer.
  • A chilling shot of the whole team ready to go to action.
  • We see Steve and Tony back together! “You trust me?”
  • In that same shot, it’s important to note how it’s strange that Steve is wearing his outfit from Infinity War. Could this be a CGI addition to mask spoilers in the scene? Signs point to this being the case.
  • The Benetar flying away from an unknown planet.
  • The Avengers in the cockpit of the Benetar!
  • Stark looking at a framed photo of him and Peter.
  • A great and intimidating shot of The Sanctuary II.
Screen Shot 2019-04-03 at 10.51.25 PM

Sanctuary II. Photo taken via direct screenshot from the trailer.

  • Nebula and Rhodey looking onward at something (Maybe Sanctuary II? Probably not).
  • Dramatic shot of Thor—sadly nothing else can really be gained from this. However, there’s a similar dramatic shot following that of Rocket.  The backgrounds look like they could be similar. Are they together in the same area? It looks like a different location than what we’ve seen. However there’s so little to see in the background that this speculation could easily be wrong.
  • “You could not live with your own failures. Where did that bring you? Back to me.”
  • Captain America on the ground, likely haven been beaten down by Thanos. He’s back in action with his iconic shield! Could this be the big last stand moment? Speech and all?
  • Thanos beaming into action, fully armored. Notice how he is being teleported not by the Space Stone, but rather by the technology of his ship. The beam is visually similar, if not identical to that used by Ebony Maw and Obsidian Cull in Infinity War.
  • Stark about to get his rematch against the mad titan.
  • The Trinity (Cap, Iron Man, and Thor) walking up together to lay down the hurt on Thanos—who can be seen sitting with his helmet off and sword in hand in the distance.
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The Trinity approaching the Mad Titan Thanos. Photo taken via direct screenshot from the trailer.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the trailer? Any theories of your own? Anything I missed? Make sure to comment down below if so! As always, please make sure to keep the comment section spoiler free–including any details about leaked set photographs.