Merry had the weirdest dream. It had to do with her men, cookies. Boars and Cernunnos. Definitely a different kind of dream. Merry brought out of the dream Abeloec’s horn that refills of it’s own accord. She was instructed by Cernunnos to give a drink to all who would accept it. Abeloc took rightful ownership of his horn.

Mistral comes to ask advise and to tattle on Queen Andias for walling up some of the Sidhe. Merry, Abeloec and Mistral proceed to to have sex and bring life back to the gardens. Queen Andias walked into the middle of the foreplay and was pissed. She tried to take Mistral back but it was pointed out that Merry needed him for life power. The Queen granted Mistral this one time only. They brought back the garden and then ended up in the Sholto’s Kingdom.

Merry again had sex but with Sholto this time and raised wild magick. Sholto called for Wild Hunt. Everyone but Sholto and his bodyguards ran to not be consumed by the Hunt. The hunt followed them out of the Slaugh’s kingdom. Human’s, Sidhe and goblins all joined the fight. Merry used her hand of blood to bleed the hunt.

Andias came to her and told her to leave, that she could no longer guarantee her safety anymore. Did Merry kill the hunt? Why can’t Andias grant Merry safety? Read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Til next week…