Resident Evil 7 won over so many of its initial doubters by giving us some of the most terrifying and yet completely compelling antagonists the series has ever thrown up. Jack, Lucas and Marguerite Baker all possess their own stories, their own personalities and subsequently their own threats to any would-be player that we can’t help but be engrossed and almost in awe of the trio. Today on the Game of Nerds we’re going to be looking at the malevolent matriarch of the Baker household; the Queen of swarms and master of jump scares: Marguerite Baker.

As we learned in our last look at the Bakers, Marguerite was once part of one of the nicest families we could ever imagine. A kind and emotional mother of two, Marguerite was so often the voice of compassion in the house, particularly when stacked next to the two more volatile male individuals in the family. With her kind nature comes a very traditional, almost dutiful side to Marguerite. She treats every guest that comes under her roof as part of her family, doing her very best to make them feel at ease and comfortable in their home. As we will soon see, Marguerite never loses this attachment to tradition and guests. Out of all the Baker antagonists, Marguerite is arguably the one we see hinting more of her former self than any other, despite the fact she is the most misshapen and deformed by Eveline’s virus.

Infected by her husband on the night Mia Winters and Eveline are brought to the Baker house, Marguerite does attempt to see a doctor in order to work out why she had been feeling so under the weather. It was soon to be revealed that mold was growing on her brain and that she had been booked in for an x-ray. It was to be an x-ray she would never attend. Much like her family, within weeks Marguerite had lost the majority of her human self as she spiraled into a concocted state of rash violence and volatile frenzies.

Taking up a residence in the Old House out in the Louisiana marshes, Marguerite accepts the “gift” from Eveline to possess and summon up a variety of swarms of insects that she can use against any would-be foe that invades her territory. This gift only grows more and more grotesque the closer we get to Marguerite as we soon see her growing into a disgusting insect-like creature, with the ability to climb walls and create swarms of insects from a putrid sac in her abdomen.

Throughout the game, Marguerite seems to reside in a state of constant delusion in the situation she finds herself in. Thinking herself to be doing the best she can for everyone, she reacts particularly badly to individuals like Ethan, Mia or Clancy attempting to escape from her. She seems to have a particularly personal relationship with Zoe, the good sibling that attempts to help those her family have captured, constantly scolding her for her ‘betrayal’ against the Baker family. Marguerite’s role in the family continues to be that of the matriarch, even after Eveline’s infection of the household. Using the captured people as a food source, she attempts to use these meals as a way of passing on the infection to the latest unfortunate soul to find their way into her house.

Although the most inhuman, and arguably the most disgusting, of all the Bakers it is through Marguerite that we truly are reminded that these antagonists were once a well-stood, kind-hearted family. When attempting to coo her prey out of hiding, we still hear the tone of a concerned mother looking to do the right thing, however, feigned or put on it might be in reality.