After a month we finally get a new Flash episode. Was this episode worth the wait? Do we finally know who Savitar is? The Once and Future Flash was a strong and heavy episode that made the month long wait well worth it. At the very start, we pick up where we left off with Caitlyn now becoming Killer Frost and escaping. While the team decides on finding Caitlyn, Barry uses this opportunity to travel to the future for answers. Barry travels eight years into the future to see a darker Central City. I enjoyed the shift in tone and visuals for the future sequences. Seeing Team Flash where they stand post-Iris West death brought weight and stakes to this episode. Out of team Flash, I couldn’t help but feel for Cisco. Having him lose both of his hands to his former best friend was a surprise and dark. I would expect this in Arrow but not Flash. Seeing the damage that both Killer Frost and Savitar caused has changed the way I’m going to view those characters for the remainder of the season.

The cherry on top of this episode is easily Future Barry Allen. I had some concern that he will be some Spiderman 3 Toby Mcguire rip off. But he ended up being much more interesting and well handled than originally thought. Seeing him and our Barry team up to fight a returning Mirror Master and Top was great. The fanfare was needed in this bleak episode. I also enjoyed how instead of finding out who Savitar is we get a flash drive that has the means to save Iris. With this plot device, Team Flash seems more hopeful than ever to stop Savitar. Overall this was a strong return of The Flash and really ha us itching for a Flash V Savitar fight.

At the end we see Killer Frost seeing who Savitar really is. Unfortunately it the episode ends before we find out who it is. Now that hasn’t stopped me from guessing who it could be. My guess its an older Ronnie. Killer Frost from Earth 2 was still very much in love with that version of Ronnie. It’s safe to assume that this version would be very much in love with Ronnie. Her reaction screamed, ” I’ll do anything for you, Ronnie”.