When this stay-at-home business started, we figured it would be nice to be at home for a stint. But soon we all realized that being at home with a significant other with no break can be more taxing than we imagined; sure, we love our s/o, but being around anyone 24/7 can drive you a little nuts every now and then. So, to cope with the sudden and confusing feelings about stupid, everyday things, why not find someone beside your s/o to blame things on?

Find a mysterious spill in the kitchen? Blame it on a character you hate. Someone left dirty clothes next to the laundry hamper? Blame a character for pulling clothes out of the hamper. It sounds weird, I know. But it sure does add an element of hilarity and breaks up the monotony of days that blur together. So, here are five people to blame all your frustrations on!

Joffrey Baratheon

Game of Thrones, Joffrey

HBO via Thrillist

While there were several unsavory characters in Game of Thrones who earned a lot of hate, no one was abhorred more than Joffrey. Why? Well, other baddies at least had an end goal in mind while doing their villain thing. Joffrey, on the other hand, had no goal to reach. Instead, his behavior was the result of him being a spoiled, entitled brat who did what he wanted when he wanted just for the thrill of it all.

0/10, no redeeming qualities for this guy. Give him a big “f**ck you” the next time something goes wrong in your household. 

Dolores Umbridge

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Umbridge

via Wizarding World

With a name so closely resembling “umbrage,” there was never any hope of finding redemption for Dolores Umbridge. Reading her character in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was bad enough, but seeing her on screen really brought out the detestation in Potterheads everywhere. While Umbridge does have a goal in mind, she’s still sick and twisted beyond return. How could a character who forces children to write lines in their own blood ever be redeemed?

2/10 only because her obsession with cats is relatable.

Shou Tucker

Fullmetal Alchemist, Shou Tucker

via Villains Wiki, FANDOM TV

This guy will never get any sympathy. Ever. Even if you haven’t watched Fullmetal Alchemist, I’m sure you’ve seen people sharing memes about the horrendous act he goes through with. Desperate to complete a miracle of science before the military sees that his funding hasn’t yielded anything, Tucker resorts to using his own daughter and her dog in the experiment to create a chimera being. The result on it’s own is horrifying, but the plead for her “big brother” Edward even after the experiment’s success will haunt fans forever.

0/10, this guy instantly makes everyone angry and sad simultaneously. Another one you can curse out after any minor inconvenience whether you know who he is or not.

Miss Trunchbull

Matilda, Miss Trunchbull

Roald Dahl Wiki, FANDOM Books

The teacher we all hated from a young age, am I right? Like Dolores Umbridge, Miss Trunchbull treated her students horribly, almost tortuously. She had no remorse for her actions and no sympathy at all for children, which is ironic considering she devoted herself to a career that’s all about kids. Not to mention “the chokey” that was designed to hurt children with shards of glass and nails sticking out of the walls of a cupboard. I’d like to retract the words “almost tortuously” from the beginning of this paragraph; that woman subjected children to tortuous acts and got off on it.

3/10 only because the cake scene was something else.  

Carole Baskin

Tiger King, Carole Baskin

Netflix via Indiewire

Our final villain is all too real and therefore even easier to despise. Whether you believe she killed her husband or not, you can’t deny how easy she makes it to hate her. How can a woman with her own private zoo try to shut down another for the sake of animal welfare? How can someone who laughs about being accused of murdering her husband really gain sympathy? I’ve not met a single person who could stand this woman.

0/10, absolutely killed her husband. Shout about “That Bitch Carole Baskin” all you’d like when something frustrates you around the house. It’ll make you feel better.