This piece has opinions, theories, and potential spoiler points taken from the comics please read at your own risk.

For a number of weeks, AMC has been teasing the fact that The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead will be having a cross over event. Well it has finally been announced that Morgan will be crossing over to Fear the Walking Dead starting in season 4. This obviously creates a number of questions on what this might mean for the two shows.

Let’s start with the unveiling, which took place live on the Talking Dead. The actor, Lennie James was in Texas where Fear the Walking Dead was to film this past Monday November 27th. AMC wanted to understandably get in front of it because it would have gotten out that Lennie was filming on Fear. The interview was awkward, and sad, Morgan looked down a lot, you can tell he wasn’t a fan of this move. With him and Melissa McBride you could tell it was a sad moment. Melissa, who plays Carol, said she thought that she got all the tears out until seeing him talk. So the producers said that Morgan still has many stories to still tell on the Walking Dead, but it’s hard to take them at face value. For instance recently when Sonequa Martin, who played Sasha, was announced to be playing on the new Star Trek show they tried to spin it that she could do both, and quickly was killed off from the show.

The Walking Dead season 8 filming has finished up around a week before this announcement. So it’s possible that the Morgan character has more story arc, with as of this writing 10 episodes left in the season, but that doesn’t mean his character will be alive after this season.

So what does that mean for Fear the Walking Dead? Outside of the obvious fact that they are getting a great actor, and a great character to try to help jump start this show which has been on life support.

Does Morgan leave after this season, let’s assume All Out War is done, does he somehow head West from Virginia to Texas, or somewhere in between if Madison and family head East? I don’t see this likely as a lot of things need to happen. The first obvious one is Fear has to have a lengthy time jump to match the timeline of Walking Dead, it could be a way to quickly show how Morgan makes it to the show but I don’t see this as a likely outcome. I’m afraid, from the reactions of Lennie, and Melissa and how Lennie talked about saying his goodbyes to the cast and crew that he perishes this season or maybe in the finale.

If Fear doesn’t have a lengthy time jump to match where the Walking Dead is currently that leaves a timeline most likely between Seasons 1 and 3 of the Walking Dead. We saw Morgan in season one, and didn’t see him until season 3 in the Clear episode. This could be a way to try to tie in something that was an off comment by Morgan, that at the time was nonsense, but however could be a huge nod to the comic series, which has to be noted came after Morgan made his comment. His comment to Rick in the Clear episode,

“People wearing dead people’s faces!”

For comic readers, it could relate to a group called the Whisperers, I won’t go to in depth into this group, they however do skin and wear walker skin to blend in with walker groups, essentially taking the, wear walker guts ad blood to a whole new level. Did Morgan happen to already encounter the Whispers early on?

Even still, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that Morgan went from Atlanta to Texas, and back to Atlanta in such a short time frame to be back for running into Rick in the middle of season 3. It’s possible, and perhaps seeing a group of human wearing walkers helped push him over the edge.

One fact that can’t be denied, is if in fact Morgan appears on Fear the Walking Dead, that takes place timeline wise before where The Walking Dead is at, that putting Morgan in any compromising situations for a death, or a hurt limb, or literally ANYTHING won’t be believable because we know that he doesn’t have any hurt limbs, missing fingers, or any ailments outside of a crazy head. It’s also a possibility that he does die in The Walking Dead season 8 and while watching Fear we know he has no chance of dying. Which, in the end, might be what the AMC show runners were thinking, let’s kill off a well loved character on The Walking Dead to further our story line, but have him show up on the sister show in hopes it pulls more viewers to see their beloved actor and increase the sagging ratings. I understand it in theory, I just don’t see people wanting to power watch 3 seasons to try to get caught up before Morgan appears.