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Netflix does it again by releasing another popular Tv Show, but this is far from ordinary. The show was released on February 15, 2019 and has grasped Netflix viewers interest since it’s debut. I felt like it was a great move on Netflix’s end because of the recent Marvel show cancellations. Like most shows that I watch, in order to make them binge-worthy for me, the first or second episode has to have me hooked. Luckily, I trusted the internet hype wasn’t wrong because The Umbrella Academy is an amazing new TV Series. On the first episode a Russian swim aerobics instructor was in the middle of teaching her class when blood filled the swimming pool from a young woman after she planted one kiss on a boy. When she was lifted from the pool she was instantly going into to labor with a child. I found this scene humorous because I thought about how my mother use to always tell me that kissing can get you pregnant and I seen it for myself. Also because the girl realistically didn’t go through  nine months of aching breast, not being able to shave, not being able to see her toes, and the horrors of another human being performing karate in her insides. Plus her body instantly snapped back into it’s original form after giving birth. Yes, we really got the insight on the beauty of childbirth (not really). It was reported that day that 43 women around the world had become instantly pregnant which was odd because these women had not been pregnant before. Little did they know that the children of these women would later become the first graduates of the Umbrella Academy whom, which seven of them were adopted by billionaire and adventurer Sir. Reginald Hargreaves. He attempted to get all 43, but it wasn’t shown why he couldn’t get them all.

At first I wondered why would this man want 43 kids under one roof and that’s a lot of mouths to feed, but these kids are special, well all of them except one it seems. Number one goes by the name of Luther and lives life alone on the moon. He’s very tall and his upper body is so big it makes him look like an upside down bowling pin. Number 2 is Diego who is a underground street crime fighter and 100% bad ass. In this episode you can see his words cut more than the blades he throw. During a home burglary, Diego saved a family from harms way which showed me he might appear to be this tough guy, but inside somewhere is a warm heart. Number 3 is Alison who is a movie star and candy to the paparazzi, she is divorced with a child separated from her. Through it all she remains fearless and close to her other family members even if they don’t have all of their marbles. Number 4 is my favorite of them all which is Klaus. He came straight out of being rehabilitated just to get right back into drugs. He isn’t my favorite because he’s an addict, but I just love how funny he is and his care free attitude. Number 7 is the child that is not so special or that is at least what she was told by her family, but she is. She may not have superpowers or crime fighting ability, but she can strum the violin. She is often alone and an outcast in her family for writing an autobiography that revealed their family secrets. As discouraging as it is to live in the shadows of her siblings who were known well in public, she continues to do what makes her special to herself. Her name is Vanya.

After years of not speaking to each other the children of Sir. Hargreaves reunited at the Umbrella Academy in remembrance of their late father who passed from a heart attack. As devastating as it sounds, his children weren’t so torn about his departure. In fact Luther implied that his father didn’t die as a result of a heart attack. He suspected that someone close to him maybe even one of his siblings had something to do with it. Everyone rolled their eyes at the idea, but I knew why Luther would suspect something like that considering most of the didn’t shed a tear after his death, most of the memories of him were bad, and he didn’t treat them like a normal dad would treat their children even if they aren’t normal. Out of all of them Diego has the strongest grudge against his dad, he even got into a fight with Luther over his memorial speech. It was pretty sad to see even a family of power be so dysfunctional. Pogo who was their father’s servant was the only one who had something nice to say about Sir. Hargreaves. Although, he was harsh, but he still loved his family and didn’t take their powers for granted, but he did take their love for granted. They all blame their father for their breakage, but at some point in their life which is now, they should take responsibility for how they act towards each other.

I bet you’re probably wondering what happened to number 5 and six. Well, number 5 ran away when they were younger, but returned while the others were in the middle of a dance break of a song they all shared the same love for. Five missed 17 years of his life with his family to travel into the future for 58 years. Technically number five is old as dirt, but he returned back into his 13 year old body. I love how well five goes with the flow and lives as if he didn’t miss out on anything. It’s absolutely adorable to see five act like a grown man in a teen body, but his enemies underestimated him. Five’s gifts of teleportation was his biggest asset when he fought enemies that entered his childhood donut shop He played it off so well that investigators thought that the members shot and stabbed each other, but Diego thought otherwise. Since being suspend from the police academy, Diego thrives on being able to crack mysteries that the police can’t even solve on their own, but he was tasered and advised to stay away from police investigations. Eventually, Diego secretly got rid of his father’s signature pendant while Klaus spoke to the ghost of his deceased brother Ben who is also number six.

In the end five had to come to the one person he could trust which was Vanya to inform her that the world is going to end in eight days. As much shocked as Vanya was to receive the news she was surprisingly open to listening to five’s theory, but she can’t advice much since she is just a violin teacher. Overall, I really enjoy the show and I’m not sure how I will react when I get towards the end of the season so, I’m just going to take my time watching each episode weekly. That’s the best way I know how to control my anxiousness and let the suspense simmer. I have some questions that I formed from watching the first episode, I would love to see what questions you may have so don’t forget to comment. Also tell us who you favorite character is so far and first impression of the first episode. Let’s just hope that five’s intellect will help him save the world and who knows Vanya might be a help also! Till next episode lovely viewers.


Questions from episode 1:
– Did Sir.Hargreaves have any enemies?
-Why was the children’s father smiling so much?
– How did number six die?

-Why does Klaus like to get high so much?

-Why hasn’t Klaus taken off his rehab bracelet?
-Why does Vanya have such a Kristen Stewart personality from the the first twilight?

-What’s up with the Code name Kids Next Door lingo?

-Why number five doesn’t have a first name?
-What does Luther eat that makes his upper body so big?

-Why did the goons want to kill five?