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Episode Synopsis:

Flores and Ramos look for ways to rebel against authority; a news item has a surprising impact; Lorna and Red experience personal disappointment.

The Inmates: 

Photo controversy

Judy’s picture of her kissing Cindy finally gets released. While the girls watch the picture get displayed on TV, they talk about what they’re gonna do with their share of the money. Of course, the image maddens Piscatella; and he has the guards do a sweep of the prison for cell phones laying around. Right after, Luschek talks to Judy, and she asks him if he’d gotten the money yet from the photograph. Sadly, he hadn’t, so no money for the girls yet. Later on, Caputo has Judy and Cindy come to his office. In order to not get in trouble, Judy says that she didn’t notice that someone was taking her picture. And then her and Cindy pretend that they’re actually a couple. That was funny to watch because at first, it seemed that Cindy wasn’t going to say anything about being a couple with Judy, but then realized that she had to play along. The two actually have really great chemistry together and are an unlikely pairing to be friends. Before bed, Cindy and Janae sit with Judy in her room and talk about Judy’s past. Apparently Judy was super crazy back in the day, and Cindy and Janae love her for that. What was also funny was that you could see that Yoga Jones was jealous of the new found friendship between the women and was apparently concerned about Cindy and Janae stealing their pricy new merchandise.

Watch your back

Because of all the frisking going on throughout the prison, Maria tells her girls that they need to act normal and not create any suspicion about their drug business. Even though they are gaining power, they can’t seem too overpowering. Later that day, while Maritza and Flaca are playing would you rather, one of the guards comes over to Maritza and whispers to her that he knows that she’s transporting something in the van. That immediately makes Maritza scared, so during her shift in the van, she rats Maria’s cousin out by telling the guard that the “gardener” seems suspicious. They tackle him and tell him not to return. Of course later on, Maria confronts Maritza about the situation, and I was so happy to see that Maritza stood up for herself. She was wiling to get beat up, but she knew that she saved the girls from getting in trouble. On Martiza’s last shift of the day, the guard that warned Martiza earlier, asks her to come into his house with him. Hesitant to go in, Martiza really didn’t have a choice. As she goes into the house, the guard forces her to either eat flies or a mouse. A reference to one of the would you rather scenarios her and Flaca were talking about. As Maritza tries to get out of it, the guard pulls a gun to her head. This is when things got real. I couldn’t believe it. I’m really scared to see what happened and I’m scared about what’s to come for the other girls. I want to know why the guard is all of sudden getting violent with his punishments, and I hope that someone figures out what he’s doing soon.


We get to finally see into the backstory of Blanca, but we don’t actually see just yet, how she got herself into prison. First off, we see that Blanca is a caregiver for an older woman, and this woman is super demanding. We also see that Blanca is interested in the new gardener. Eventually, Diablo and her become close, and the older woman is mad that Blanca is wasting her time with Diablo and getting distracted from her job. Back at prison, Blanca has to stand in line to get frisked, but ends up not having to because she smells so bad. This gives her an idea and she tells the other girls that they need to smell bad too. Back to her backstory, Blanca finds out that older woman has fired Diablo, and this makes her mad because she works at this woman’s house full time, and really doesn’t have time to make friends. You can definitely see that Blanca was out for revenge. Back with the frisking, the girls don’t get frisked because of how bad they smell, but Blanca is told once again to take a shower. And then we see during another flashback, that Blanca does get her revenge on the old woman by having sex with Diablo in the woman’s bedroom, while she’s sleeping. She watches the woman, knowing that she’s helpless, and has a smile on her face. The next morning, when Blanca comes in to give the woman her breakfast, Blanca has a sudden spring in her step and the woman is very hesitant about everything. She does a 180, and goes along with whatever Blanca tells her. Lastly, Blanca gets in trouble again while getting frisked. One of the guards tells her that she has to stand on one of the cafeteria tables until her knees buckle. Up to the challenge, Blanca stands there for quite some time.


Piper and Alex are just dying to have a burger from Shake Shack. While they’re working later on in the day, they wonder if they should do anything to help Nicky with her drug problem, but eventually get sidetracked again about getting burgers. They ask Bayley if he can sneak them in some, and he actually says he will, but of course there’s a catch. They have to give him a hand job in return. After thinking about it, Piper and Alex try to figure out who would give Bayley the hand job. Eventually, they figure it’s not worth it, since they’ve already gotten into a lot of trouble already, so they give up their dream about eating those juicy burgers.

Drug troubles

Nicky has been having a tough time lately with returning to Litchfield. First off, she’s still upset that Lorna has gotten married; and then Lorna tells Red that Nicky has started taking drugs again. That night, Red finds Nicky smoking in one of the showers, and begins crying because she believes that she has failed her. Red has always tried so hard to keep Nicky on the right track, but has always failed. She really cares for her like a mother, and it’s super relatable. Thankfully, the next day, Nicky goes to Red, and tells her that she’s going to get clean again. Let’s just hope Nicky stays sober permanently this time.


First off, Lorna insults Angie after finding out that Nicky is still taking drugs. After talking to Nicky last time, she’s pretty sure that Angie is the one pooping in the showers, and insults her about it. Also, things turn for the worst, when Lorna’s sister visits her, and tells her about her time with Vincent. She tells Lorna that she talked with him, and actually asked him to come hang out with her and her husband. That immediately sets Lorna off and has an inkling that her sister might be smitten with her new husband. I really hope we see Vincent again, because I want to know what’s going on with him too. That would suck if he betrayed Lorna.

Getting into SHU

Sister Jane was really confusing me for most of the episode. At first, she insulted Coates and made it known that she could take food to her bunk if she wanted to. And then she smokes a cigarette outside, but doesn’t get in trouble either. I knew she wanted to get in trouble for some reason, but it all made sense in the end, when she told Gloria, that she wanted to make a scene in order to get into SHU. She wanted to get into SHU, in order to talk to Sophia. Gloria gets on board, and tells Sister Jane that she has to do something really outrageous. Right then, Sister Jane punches Gloria in the face and Gloria makes it seem like Sister Jane really hurt her. Sister Jane finally gets her wish, and she goes to SHU. Sadly, I feel like she might have regretted her actions, and doesn’t even have her cross to help her. Hopefully, she gets to talk to Sophia, and find out what has been happening with her, so she can relay the information to Crystal.

Almost out 

Aleida has 2 more days until she’s out of prison, and she’s making the most of it. Daya comes to her, wanting to hang out, since she won’t see her for a while, and all Aleida says, is that she wants some alone time. That was really hurtful to Daya because that’s her mother after all. I’m not sure when Daya is suppose to get out prison, but it’ll probably be a while. Before bed, Aleida shows up with a portable fan, and tells Gloria that she spent the rest of her commissary money on it, to give to the girls. While her and Gloria reminisce about Aleida leaving; she tells Gloria to look out for Daya. Make sure she doesn’t go down the wrong path. Aleida and Daya’s relationship was always interesting to me because on one hand, Aleida is always tough with Daya and seems like a terrible mother, but on the other hand, Aleida tries to keep Daya on the right path from afar.

Broken friendship

During work, Pennsatucky talks to Boo about her conversation with Coates. She tells her that he finally apologized to her, and that she’s willing to forgive him. Hearing this, Boo gets extremely mad and tells her that if she goes back to Coates, she’ll be done with her. In Boo’s mind, no one should ever go back to someone if they had raped them in the past. I definitely see both sides to their arguments. Of course, the right choice is probably Boo’s, because yes, it probably isn’t right to see someone again, if they’ve raped you, but on Pennsatucky’s side, she’s probably feeling that her conversation with Coates was very honest and that he truly felt sorry for what he did. I mean, it did seem like he was truly sorry, but who knows what he’ll be feeling in the future. Also, I’m not sure the relationship will last since she’s the inmate and he’s the guard, whose suppose to have authority over her.