As promised I went to ECCC with my husband AJ and my sister-in-law Leslie. We did in fact find the beer garden. It wasn’t what I thought it would be, I thought it would be outside. Silly me. However, it was very nice and classy. It was very crowed to the point of standing room only. The food smelled great but we were there for the beer.

Photo by Andie Boyungs for The Game Of Nerds

Leslie ordered the Freemont Sky Kraken Hazy Pale Ale. She described the smell as wheaty and musty. She described the taste as hoppy, bitter and light with a tangy after taste. Shawn who picked the same ale said he really enjoyed the beer tones. Also that it was light and crisp and had a floral smell. He could see it sneaking up on you after five or six. Arial, who was another to try the Kraken, prefers it. Her description of it was sweet and just a little tropical pineapple but a good bit of hop. The after taste was bubbly with a lingering melon flavor. For Leslie it caused a bit of a bloat and wouldn’t want to have it again but for Shawn and Arial they would definitely get it again.

Photo Andie Boyungs for The Game Of Nerds

AJ ordered the Freemont Dark Heron IPA. My husband tends to be a bit of a snob when it comes to beers, ales and meads. AJ described the smell as citrusy and hoppy. The taste he said was tart and skunky with a bitter after taste. Robert whom also ordered the Dark Heron really liked and said he is a fan of IPAs. In his opinion it had a clean taste with no after flavor but had a great aroma. AJ also said it bloated him a bit and wouldn’t go for it again but Robert enjoyed it and would get it again.

A gentleman named Matt had the Freemont Lush IPA. He said it had a smooth taste with a hoppy after bite. He very much enjoyed it and would certainly order it again.

All in all the beer garden was a pleasant experience. I am sorry I couldn’t taste for you gals and guys. I just don’t react well to alcohol. AJ, Leslie and I enjoyed our time in the garden. It was a pleasure to meet Robert, Shawn, Arial and Matt. Thank you AJ and Leslie for doing this with me. Did any of you get to the beer garden? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Til next week…