Source: ECCC

As the world has been watching the development of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have been moving forward with life. Emerald City Comic Con is no exception. While some are still scared stiff, most people and companies have moved ahead with their plans to attend. Unfortunately, the threat of the virus has touched Seattle and therefore ECCC too. Vendors and guests alike have started to pull out because of their concern over the virus. Emerald City Comic Con plans, at this time, to continue forward with the event. According to the statement on the Emerald City Comic Con website, they are taking measures to reduce the risk but are watching the threat of the virus closely. Here is a list of guests and companies pulling out at the moment:

Dark Horse

DC Comics


Jim Butcher

Jen Bartel

Yangtian Li

Kate Leth

Agnes Garbowska

Jim Zub

Stacy King

Matt Miner

Ray-Anthony Height

Del Rey Books

Steve Lieber

Benjamin Percy

Brendan Fletcher

Cat Staggs

Dustin Nguyen

Emily Skrutskie

Frank Cho

Ibrahim Moustafa

Jeff Wheeler

Jody LeHeup

Josh Malerman

Luanne G. Smith

Margurite Bennett

Max Brooks

Naomi Novik

Robin Hobb

Rysa Walker

Sam Humphries

Aaron Kuder

Bard’s Tower

Ryan Cady

A.J. Hackwith

Rich Werner

Terry Brooks

Aud Koch

Patric Reynolds

Icon Heros

Siobhan Chiffon

Christian Ward

Donnie Souza

John Layman

Kwanza Osajyefo

Paul Reineand

Arthur Wyatt

James Asmus

Normally, Emerald City Comic Con does not offer refunds on tickets. This year they are making an exception. People who are concerned about the virus being present are being given a refund. If you bought a ticket for Emerald City Comic Con 2020 and don’t feel safe attending, you can get a refund from Reed Pop right here

I am scheduled to attend Emerald City Comic-Con. Unfortunately, I am also worried about the virus. I have a compromised immune system so I don’t know if I will go. If I do go, I am looking for a cool way to dress up with a mask of some kind. Do you have any suggestions? Leave me ideas in the comments below, please. Til next week…