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Thursday’s premiere of Scandal mirrored the first international tragedy I remember watching on the news continually with my grandma, the death of Princess Diana. But on Scandal it was Princess Emily and it wasn’t a tragic accident, it was MUUURDER (sorry, mixing up my TGIT shows). I have to admit, I really thought the Prince Richard was responsible for the first half of the episode, but I’m not surprised at all that it was that evil bitch Queen. Why, on television, do mamas always think they’re “helping” their children by killing their loved ones? This is a bit of a trope, am I right? I think the most important thing we got out of this storyline is that Olivia Pope still “wears the white hat” and tries to make things right, even in the midst of an affair with Fitz.

Which brings me to OLITZ. A lot of people don’t find them very appealing for a variety of reasons, but I ship them. Sure, Fitz may think he walks on water (I’m sure most Presidents do after six or so years) but he’s ruled by love and has a good heart, which I think makes him a good match for Olivia. I’ve been really psyched to see how Shonda and the gang will write Fitz and Olivia as a “couple”, because the majority of their appeal comes from the fact that they are a forbidden love. Part of me was even expecting them to break up on that balcony at the end of the episode, but no, they’re going to be mature and sort out their issues—BORING. JK, Sally Langston outed them so now they have to Pope themselves. That sounds so dirty.

Now a series of Scandal texts and observations from my best friend and I:




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And questions I have leading into the rest of the season:
-Can I get more Jake scenes and less Huck scenes? Or are they tied together now?
-Will Quinn ever chill for like, 5 minutes?
-When will Mellie realize she needs to be more like Cersei Lannister and less like Catelyn Stark? Gurl, you only need Fitz as an Ally. Use him for all he’s worth.
-Speaking of Mellie, are you really surprised that slimy Elizabeth North betrayed you?
-When will Abby and David get back together?
-Will Fitz and Olivia last?
-And last, but not least, where’s Charlie? Can we please get more Charlie?!