Last time, light Harry slew dark Harry. Yet in the end, we see dark Harry wake up in his grave. What gives? Maggie had a vision of Jordan dying. She was absolutely horrified. We open though, to find out that Mel’s witch friend Katrina’s shop is closed until further notice. Word is she had a breakdown and isn’t coming back.

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Maggie is taking self-defense classes from Jordan. Jordan is really confused as to what is going on with her. Maggie steals his sweat rag. While he doesn’t see her doing it, he notices that she did. Macy and Harry discuss dark Harry’s demise. They don’t get very far but they are making progress with the Elder’s Book of Elders. Enough so they are able to make potions and do spells. Maggie stole sweat from Jordan for a spell. It just so happens he is cursed by a witch.

The Bat-Signal for witches lights up that a witch is in trouble. It takes them to a place called Sacred Grove. It is a major convergence of ley lines. The land to which they are brought is sacred to the Dryads. They find that a particular tree is dead which is very bad. They also find a woman that is badly wounded. Harry heals her. It seems the dryads have been petrified. They figure it is Abigael’s doing. When Macy, Harry, and Maggie confront her she denies having anything to do with it. Abigael shows them a witch “video” of Parker. Katrina’s mother is packing up her store. Mel asks to speak to Kat and mentions she might be able to help. Anita (the mom) is really rude but Kat walks in and they get an opportunity to talk.

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While Maggie doesn’t believe Abigael, she blames it on Harry and the sisters. Maggie basically blackmails Abigael into taking her to her brother. It would be deadly for demons to know Abigael is half-witch. To get in Abigael gives up Maggie as a Charmed One. Back at Safe Space, Macy and Harry are trying to figure out why Jordan is cursed and if they can save him. They know Maggie has feelings for him even though she hasn’t said it. They try to take his ring.

Back at Maggie and Abigael, they are brought before Parker. He is surprised to see Maggie and not so happy to see Abigael. When they are being dragged away Parker tells everyone but Maggie to leave. Then he surprises her with a hug. I actually thought he was going to kiss her. They get to have a private conversation. He explains himself and his position. Maggie finds out who killed the dryads.

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As Mel speaks with Kat and the more she hears, the more she is convinced Kat needs witch help, not Western medicine. She asks Kat to trust her. She explains that the text Kat sent her saved her life. She is able to prove to Kat that she isn’t crazy.

When Abigael faces punishment for her crimes against demons, she is facing death. Maggie begs for Abigael’s life. (Why?) The punishment Abigael’s brother Parker, the Demon Overlord, sentences her to a fate worse than death. What secrets hide in Jordan’s ring? Tell me what you thought of the episode in the comments below. Til next week…