Diablo 3

image: nintendo.com

Blizzard has one of the most loyal fanbases in all of gaming, and it’s easy to see why the games can be a turn off for so many people. Fans of Blizzard games have reportedly sunk hours and hours into these games and have become so engrossed and obsessed with these games that they sometimes do not have social lives or lack basic hygiene skills. I personally played a total of one hour of World of Warcraft before I realized that there will be a paywall if I wanted to be any better than level ten and another paywall in HearthStone if my deck didn’t want to suck. Needless to say that Blizzard has never really caught my attention.

A week ago I was looking to sink my teeth into a new Switch game, as the few that I had owned were played to death. I roll into my local GameStop and the associate working there asked if I needed anything. I told him of what my interests and tastes were and he recommended the new Diablo 3 port for the Switch. I was hesitant at first to purchase the $50 game, but the associate said that all DLC released for the game was packed in and that it is definitely worth devoting 100 hours into. I was debating between the LEGO Harry Potter collection and Diablo 3 but ultimately decided on the later because I have played all that I could of LEGO Harry Potter on other platforms.

Upon popping in the cartridge I was met with classic Blizzard art style and over-exaggerated voice acting that I came to be familiar with my days playing HearthStone. I chose to be the wizard and the Normal difficulty, something I would later learn would be the easiest way to get through the game, but I am still really enjoying my class and difficulty choices.

The game has lots of customization as far as your gear, but the main element, in my opinion, is the sheer amount of exploration that can be had within the game. For example, I am at the opening cathedral looking through the underground to defeat the skeleton king and I really admire the amount of detail that the developers did to the game to make it immersive and massive at the same time. The amount of collectibles and dozens of characters that the player has to keep track of tells me that this game was meant to be a huge adventure.

What I really like about this game is despite how large the game is, the RPG elements are relatively simple. The main thing a player will be doing is updating their weapons regularly and wearing the best armor to sustain damage. Compared to Skyrim which was released 6 months earlier, Diablo 3 is more focused on the hack-and-slash element rather that the seemingly infinite customization present in Skyrim. Skyrim’s engine is a turn-off for me because there are honestly too many ways to play the game that its practically begging for the player to return. I understand that it’s not a very popular opinion, but it’s just how I perceive games. Diablo 3 gets to the important RPG elements while still maintaining the demon-slaying theme many players have grown to love.

Diablo 3 for me is the first Blizzard game I can see myself sinking many hours into and it’s the first time that an RPG has really stuck to me. Pokemon definitely has it’s place in the gaming world, but I see Diablo 3 as a beast all its own.