Source: V Rising | Official Steam Page

V Rising is a game in which players take the role of a vampire. After humans conquered your kingdom, slaying your kin, you awaken to claim back your land. However, after centuries of slumber, you are weaker – so you must rebuild not only your castle but yourself.

In this open-world survival game, players gather resources to craft vital tools and their own vampiric castle. Then, either traverse with allies and friends or take your hunt solo. Due to your vampiric blood, sunlight is your foe – unlike most other survival games. So avoid the sunlight and hunt in the shadows.

This game is also PvP, meaning that players have the option to either form alliances with others or fight them for their resources. Raid castles, form clans and do what you must in order to rise to the top.

Source: V Rising | Official Website

Other Features Include:

  • Join different servers with others for a different gaming experience.
  • A gothic open world of dark forests, expansive caverns, and the rolling plains of the countryside.
  • Tailor your vampire to your playstyle with a variety of weapons and skills.
  • Learn new skills by vanquishing powerful foes, each with their own specific skillset.
  • Character customization allows players to make their ideal vampire.

V Rising is currently available on PC on Early Access. You can check out the official website here. Interested? Then watch the trailer below:

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