Penny wakes up from his assault, in a cage that burns him if he attempts to touch it, and surprise surprise, Marina is in an identical one beside him. They’ve been taken by a horromancer, someone who works with time-magic and dimensions. He ends up not having any nefarious ideas in mind, only wanting for them to return to their own timelines. Upon returning them to their own timelines, the boy didn’t anticipate their being no magic here, thus Penny gets the opportunity to take him out.

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Julia and Quentin spend the day searching for answers to the clues that were hidden in hieroglyphs on the page that they found and subsequently gave to NotEliot. They happen to bump into NotEliot.. who interestingly reanimates a mummy from ancient Egypt to aid them in their quest. He informs them that the yellow fruit is a mandrake root and we’re looking for Hecca, the god of magic and medicine, who has one of his stones, but he’s dead and his temple was looted.. Quentin and Julia are left to figure shit out when NotEliot goes in search of a cinnamon churro.


Alice is adjusting to life in Modesto, and she happens across someone with hedge-witch tattoos. Then by chance her new roommate/landlord ends up being a magician’s whose only recently happened across her powers in recent months and had no real understanding of them. After some debate, Alice agrees to teach her. Starting with the good ol ‘Popper 1’.


Penny and Marina end up in an Orwellian 1984 timeline where Magic is banned and military power has succeeded control.


Alice’s new friend, whose magic lies in finding things, ends up being able to find one of the power channels of the Library’s, one that has a leak they obviously are unaware of. One they utilize in order to do a large-scale spell to clean the entire towns water system and pipes so that no lead gets into it, endangering the towns people and children. This is the episode where Alice seems to realize that when you’re not solely spending your time and magic on elaborate schemes to smooth out the lives of her and her friends, it is possible to make other people’s lives better with magic. Starting to see the greatness of selfless acts.

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Penny has an unsavoury and unsettling meeting with himself.. from the other timeline. This is Our Penny.  Kady’s Penny, who informs him of his grievous mistakes and sends him on his way with his new plan and purpose in life. Penny has spent the majority of th episode suffering from ethical qualms, ironically and entertainingly he’s placed next to Marina, a sociopath with no regard for anyone’s well-being but her own.


Our last moment is a juxtaposition of the beauty of innocence in children, alongside Alice’s new friend being confronted by the Library… Leaving us at an unsettling place.

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