With season 2 of Supergirl wrapped up and done with, fans were left with a million questions. The season finale ended with a bang, a sacrifice, and a proposal, and viewers across the country were devastated when they realized they’d have to wait for season 3 to debut. But things are already getting started up; on Monday July 3rd, Supergirl front-runner Melissa Benoist posted a photo to her Instagram @MelissaBenoist of her behind the seasons during the Kevin-Smith-Directed episode. She captioned it with “Getting back in the saddle (or harness/wires what-have-you) for season 3 this week, which means seeing these fine folks soon as well.” She tagged Kevin Smith in the photo – does that mean we’ll be seeing another episode directed by the Jay And Silent Bob Star? I absolutely hope so, considering how well-received his first directorial episode was. Keep an eye on the Supergirl Cast’s Social Medias, you never know when they’ll post something new about season three, and you can check out the photo of Melissa behind the scenes below!

BTS Supergirl

BTS Of Supergirl S2 – By Melissa Benoist