I already called the Wambulance because I’m going to be whining and crying in this one.

Fear the Walking Dead has the potential to be so much more it just hasn’t found it’s groove yet. They have the whole premise paved for them with a built in audience of the number one show on TV. They had the ability to fill in the questions and gaps that have not been solvable on the flagship show, along with a unique location.

I was really excited to see how they were going to explore the boat and ocean angle. Were they going to go from island location to island location pilfering supplies? Were they going to stay in one central location or home base? It turns out they chose to be stupid and annoying. The group followed what they did in season one by asking for trouble. The actions continue to be head scratching, things most people wouldn’t do in today’s society.

What went right? Not a whole lot to be honest with you, besides where we sit now as the show appears to have hit the reset button. We will get to that shortly, what we did see was Alicia putting the entire group in danger by talking to strangers on the radio, giving them way to much information. They got boarded and the group split for a bit, which was great television seeing them separated. However this didn’t last that long and they were quiet easily able to dispatch this threat. Before that they saw a light flicker on an island and decided it made sense to get off the boat and investigate the flickering light in the middle of the night. This was another quick venture that led to most of the family they met dead. They had a chance to add a very strong survivor with a great weapon but pushed him away.

We got to see, which I think is my current favorite character, providing we have officially seen the last of Tobias, in Alex, the survivor of flight 462. Alex gets it and has a great idea of what this world is, but Strand pushes her away. THEY ALWAYS PUSH AWAY THE BEST CHARACTERS I HATE IT!

The group finally makes it back to land in Mexico, and they follow the slowest season on The Walking Dead at the farm. Strand is back in time to see Abigail die, the group realizes that people there are a bit out of touch. Chris sucks and should be murdered before he murders someone else. The group is forced to leave and decides to go back to the boat.

This dynamic however has left us with a great setup for the second half of the season. Chris and Travis are off on their own as Travis is trying to help Chris from being a psycho.

Nick has ventured off by himself among the walkers as he can’t see eye to eye with his family.

Cesar is, presumed dead from a fire, but the rumor from a show runner is we will see his story come season three.

The rest of the group is together heading towards the boat. So it will be nice to see the struggles as people are separated and we can see who has the strength and who doesn’t to survive.

If you like this show, or are interested in this show, I would recommend Containment special limited event from the CW. I have only watched a couple episodes but so far it sees like it is what Fear the Walking Dead could and should be in the early going.