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Episode Synopsis:

When Reagan returns home from a work trip, Jess is concerned that she has been spending too much time being Nick’s “girlfriend.” Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece obsess over security in their new home and Aly reveals an embarrassing secret to Winston.

Girlfriend stuff

I TOTALLY KNEW IT! I knew that the Nick/Reagan relationship was lasting, only because Jess was involved. We finally get to see the flaws in this relationship, and it was nicely shown through a compilation of times Jess had to intervene, and save Nick and Reagan from breaking up. Also, this storyline was kind of a deja vu to the “Fluffer” episode. Instead of Nick being Jess’s “boyfriend” in order for her to maintain her relationship with Sam, it’s gone vise versa, and now Jess is being a fluffer for Nick. It’s quite interesting to see because Jess even mentioned the fact that it’s not fair to her, to be in this position with Nick. She can’t be baking him cakes, and not reaping any rewards. And of course it got even more awkward, with the fact that both Nick and Reagan wanted Jess to go with them to the convention. I’m actually glad that Jess made the decision to go visit her dad in Portland, because now we’ll really be able to see if Nick and Reagan can get along and have a normal relationship, without Jess involved. Lastly, it was a nice touch, that they showed how helpful Jess was when Nick started fumbling with his words about what his book was about. She was there for him, but when Nick asked Reagan what his book was about, she didn’t know how to respond.

Points of entry 

Schmidt and Cece had a very relatable storyline in this episode. They’re new homeowners, and of course they’re freaking out about all the things that come along with owning a house. Jeremy increased their anxiety, by giving them the manual, containing facts about their neighborhood, and it didn’t help that Nick and Jess, (well mostly Jess), kept on barging in. It really made me laugh though, that Jess kept on finding a way into their house, without them noticing. Even though Schmidt and Cece are officially moved into their house, and away from the loft, I liked that they still were part of their friends lives, by having their friends randomly come into their house. I’m just wondering how the writers are going to incorporate Schmidt and Cece in the loft banter for the rest of the season. Will Schmidt and Cece come over to the loft to visit a lot, or will the rest of the gang visit Schmidt and Cece at their house more often, like in this episode?


Winston and Aly didn’t really have the best storyline in the this episode, but it was quite entertaining. What I did like about it was that it showed that Winston and Aly don’t keep secrets from each other. They both have shared some weird stories with each other, and nothing really surprises them anymore. The one secret that really mattered though, was that Winston revealed, that he’s never actually loved any of this previous girlfriends, until he met Aly. Awwww ❤. He’s truly met his match, and they couldn’t be more perfect together. Besides that, can we just laugh at the fact that Aly got obsessed with being on Japanese game shows, and had some weird stuff in her storage container.