Hey everyone! If you’re not aware yet, this past week was the time-honored crossover between Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and Legends Of Tomorrow. It’s quickly becoming tradition for these heroes to team up at least once a ear, and with that in mind, our TGON writers from each show will also be teaming up to give you the best possible review. We’re going to kick this crossover off with Supergirl!

The crossover consists of our heroes and legends joining together to…celebrate the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West! But it doesn’t officially start out with any of our heroes – at least not our versions. It actually opens on a modern-day world, but thing are definitely amiss. Most of the buildings are covered in Nazi-style swastikas, and a warehouse protected by armed men is attacked by an archer. Guardian arrives, with his chest plate and shield painted like the American Flag, but the Archer bests him, and many James Olsen fans probably cried at having to watch any version of him die at the hands of a villain. It’s a pretty intense scene, especially considering who the Archer is, but we’ll get into that soon enough.


Captain America…I mean…Guardian – Supergirl – The CW

Meanwhile, in Central City, while Barry is fighting off a familiar shark-faced villain, Iris tells Barry she’s worried about the wedding because not everyone has RVSP’d. Pan over to Star City, where the Green Arrow is fighting off Ninjas while simultaneously discussing whether they should RSVP, to which Oliver responds that “Of course we’re going.” A few centuries back, the Legends are tackling what seems to be a Robin-Hood-esque crusade, one that leaves a soldier’s caravan in ruins. They, too, question whether they’d RSVP’d, and upon realizing they hadn’t, quickly return to the Wave-Rider to plan their outfits. Meanwhile, in our very own National City, Kara and Alex are content to wallow in their self-pity over being painfully single – until Alex mentions the wedding invitation. (Which is so rudely addressed to both Kara and Mon-El.) Kara decides they’re going to go have a night of fun, and with the multiverse portal Winn had built, the two head off to Barry’s Earth! Side note: Is that The CW’s Jane the Virgin on Kara’s T.V.? I’m like…92% sure it is.

Pouty af

My girls pouting and trying to be happy – Supergirl – The CW

Now, if you’re not familiar with The Flash, then you may not know about the Multiverse Theory – it’s essentially the theory that there are multiple Earths, multiple universes even, all able to exist in the same place at the same time – but vibrating at different frequencies. If you were able to vibrate at the same frequency as another Earth, you can then end up in that universe. Hence how some of the events for this crossover happen – like Supergirl and Alex being able to even attend.

A lot, and I mean A LOT happens before the wedding, so let’s hit on the most important parts of the rehearsal dinner, the morning after, and leading up to the wedding!

The Rehearsal Dinner:

Things get a little crazy and awkward at the rehearsal dinner, where Sara approaches Alex and quickly learns about how Alex called off her engagement to Maggie. Barry asks Kara to sing at the wedding, a talent he learned about during the Music Meister crossover that guest-starred former Glee Star Darren Criss. Joe gave an absolutely adorable speech about how Barry and Iris taught him how to love again, meanwhile Alex and Sara are outside enjoying a heated makeout session. (Who needs wedding speeches, am I right?) Oliver gets Wedding fever and not-so-subtly hints to Felicity that maybe they should try again. Felicity is all for being with him, just not on paper, which inadvertently leads to her yelling “I don’t want to marry you!” in front of all of their friends. I don’t know about you all, but I definitely experienced some second-hand embarrassment.


Detective Dad giving a dad-ly speech about his kiddos – Supergirl – The CW

The Morning After:

Barry wakes up looking like he won the lottery, and leaves Iris to wake up to a lovely breakfast in bed. Ollie looks like he hasn’t slept all night, all things considered, while Felicity wakes up in time to see Kara bundled in a sleeping bag. Fast asleep. Floating. Jax, Rory, and Professor Stein are apparently crashing at his house, and things are a little strained between the Professor and his Firestorm counter-part. Stein wants to get rid of his powers, but it’s obvious that Jax is hesitant in ending his time as a hero. In an…undisclosed place, (probably a hotel) Alex wakes up with a headache from hell…next to Sara. Look, I’m a big fan of Sanvers, but I’ve been slightly shipping Sara and Alex since the day Alex came out, I’m just saying. I was excited to see them come together, even if it goes from a one-night stand to just a solid friendship. Especially when these two are such badasses! In any case, Alex falls her way out of bed before unceremoniously sneaking out to prep for the wedding.

One night stand of the century

I literally screamed at this part – Supergirl – The CW

At the church, Alex meets with Kara in what may be the funniest interaction I’ve ever seen Alex be part of. Hungover and freaked out by her first ever one-night-stand, Alex complains of how this planet apparently doesn’t have clouds, and how she decided to go for a jog after the rehearsal dinner. Fully clothed. No suspicious things happening here. That is, until Sara comes by and asks if she’s okay – of course Sara heard her fall out of bed. She’s an assassin…a “Sassy assassin” according to Alex. Regardless, after Kara talks her sister out of a potential melt-down over a perfectly healthy and consensual one night stand, they get settled into the church for the wedding of the century.

The Wedding:

Now, I’m not wholly familiar with what’s going on with The Flash right now, so…I can only speculate what might be happening when a nervous Barry is approached by a seemingly awe-struck girl who is just…insanely excited about attending a wedding – particularly Barry’s wedding. So, based purely off of speculation, is this his future daughter? Or is it just an avid fan that apparently knows his identity? Regardless, he quickly forgets about the awkward exchange in lieu of watching Iris walk down the isle, to which Kara stands and beautifully sings along with a live orchestra. As they’re preparing to finally get hitched, the ceremony is interrupted by…you guessed it. Nazis! The soldiers start open firing on guests, and while Wally West and Harry Wells direct guests out of the area, the rest of the team get to work on beating up the bad guys. There’s a Kryptonian on the Nazi side, so Kara gets to work on beating her to a pulp. Now, while I don’t EVER condone Nazism or anything associated with it, I do have to say…Kara should look into pants for her outfit, instead of a skirt. It just seems more practical.

Literal Nazis, yall

Overgirl – Supergirl – The Cw

Ollie goes head to head with the Archer, who seems intent on just firing arrows off at Dr. Wells and the guests, Alex and Sara get over their hungover awkwardness just in time to team up and beat down some soldiers before tag-teaming and taking down the Nazi version of Prometheus, and Cisco, Mick, and Caitlin (Who apparently turns into Killer Frost when she’s scared or angry) get to work on everyone else. Kara ends up taking down the Kryptonian, and the Archer seems to freak out about it. He picks her up and tells his men to retreat, which leaves our heroes and Legends with one very interesting prize. Prometheus.

The Aftermath:

With Prometheus locked up at Star Labs, the team begins speculating on who those people were and how they knew to attack the wedding – it’s apparent that they know every hero’s secret identity, even Supergirl’s. Oliver is intent on making Prometheus talk, and honestly, I think seeing ANY version of that particular villain just sort of…gets his blood boiling. Meanwhile, on the roof of a building, whether it be in our world or theirs, the Archer, the Kryptonian, and…reverse Flash?! are arguing over whether attacking the church was a good choice, and at one point, they all take off their masks: I suspected of course, that Overgirl was going to be Nazi!Kara, and that the Archer was going to be Nazi!Oliver, but I definitely wasn’t expecting Reverse Flash to enter the picture, or for it to be Nazi!Harry Wells. It threw me for a loop, without a doubt.


Nazi!Prometheus – Supergirl – The CW

So far, this crossover has been absolutely great, but it isn’t over yet! Be sure to check out our Arrow review later today for Part 2. Parts 3 and 4 of The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow are going to be up tomorrow, so keep your eye out for those as well! And tune in, normally, every Monday for Supergirl, every Tuesday for The Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, and every Thursday for Arrow!