The Walking Dead put out a bunch of information on its trio of shows during San Diego Comic Con weekend on its YouTube channel. The two-plus minute video tells us that the second and final season of the show starts up again on October 3rd on AMC. This season is supposed to be another 10 episodes, just like the first.

What do we actually get to see during the video? Well, it appears to occur immediately or very close to where season 1 left off with Felix and Iris finding Will in the forest, Will is filling them in on what he has been up to. Will and someone else were seen escaping a vehicle crash. We see a member of the CRM being eaten by a walker, another CRM member ends up shooting the person Will was fleeing with, and Will can get away. He says he was on his own for a few days, and then he heard the helicopters. Felix asks if the helicopters were looking for Will, but he said no. Instead, the helicopters were dropping off shipping containers of supplies from the Campus Colony in Omaha. He goes on that he heard that it was a salvage mission, that supplies had blood on them. The three of them, for some reason, think that the walkers overran the colony.

A couple of notes here, maybe it will be more clear, or maybe I missed something. Is Will saying that Felix heard the helicopters were the shipping containers being dropped off, and Will was still around when that happened? Is it also meaning that the most recent helicopter that Will heard and was following was the pickup mission for Hope?

Also, this makes me flashback to episode one early on, where Hope was in the cemetery and saw a few helicopters with shipping containers flying off in the distance. So that means the CRM must have literally just finished a clean-up mission at another colony before visiting the Campus colony.

Will kept on, and a few days after that, he ran into this group. He decided he would help by joining the hunting party when they found the others(Felix and Iris). Will says he asked many questions and stirred up a lot of stuff, and he knows that if the CRM finds him, he will be dead.

The last season of The World Beyond, which should help tie up some loose ends and fill in some story gaps, returns October 3rd on AMC and will likely be on AMC + earlier than that.