Welcome back Gothamites, to episode 19 already! Time’s flying fast when you’re havinging fun!

Lee gets a dream in which she wakes up and Mario is still alive. But it soon turns into a nightmare once he makes a cut into his arm and forces Lee to drink his (infected) blood. Just before she puts the glass to her lips she wakes up. Because these nightmares keep hunting her, she decides to pay a visit to Jervis in Arkham to ask him why he infected Mario. Jervis with his paper hat tells her that he wanted to hurt Gordon. In his eyes Gordon is the one to blame for his sister’s death, so he feels that Gordon doesn’t deserve any love. By infecting Mario and Gordon’s attempts to keep Lee save he knew that Lee would come to hate Gordon instead of loving him. Especially after Gordon killed Mario for nearly attacking Lee. Jervis keeps talking into her by also saying that if it would be anyone’s fault that Mario got infected, it is hers. Somehow this little speech sticks in Lee’s head. Because as soon as she has the chance she goes to the GCPD and steals Alice’s blood. Later on, she injects the blood to herself.

After Ivy saved Selina’s life in the last episode it seems that Selina is fully recovered. She goes to Wayne Manor with the intention to find Clone and to kill him. No surprise, he doesn’t like that idea nor Selina telling Alfred about him. So they have a fight all around the Wayne Manor study, destroying more than they would have liked. Selina grabs a knife and stabs Clone. After some more fighting, Selina has the opportunity to kill him but is stopped by Alfred. Alfred still doesn’t know about Clone replacing Bruce and thinks that Selina is still mad about not telling about her mother. When Alfred is holding Selina, Clone knocks her out. Then Alfred sees Clone his wound and realises he doesn’t feel any pain. He sees the light and immediately starts worrying about Bruce. They start fighting, but Clone is not necessarily stronger or more experienced, but because he doesn’t feel the pain he also knocks Alfred out.

When both of them are awake and Clone disappeared without a trace they talk about Bruce’s disappearance. Selina feels that with helping to find Bruce she doesn’t gain very much, so she refuses to help. If that happens there is only one man in Gotham you can go to James Gordon. Sadly for Alfred Gordon is kinda busy with being held hostage by Barnes. But as soon as he escapes, Alfred can report Bruce is missing. He tells both Gordon and Bullock that there is a secret organisation that rules Gotham, but both of them already knew the story.

Foto source: Jessica Miglio/FOX

Gordon and Bullock start an investigation in all the properties that Katherine owns. One stands out, the blueprints show more space than the building should have. Gordon and Bullock pay a visit and find a hidden room. This room is almost empty, except for a crystal owl. When Gordon shines his flashlight through it, it shows a marked map of Gotham supposedly all the locations of the Court. But before they can examine the owl, Barnes shows up to crash the party. He knocks Bullock unconscious and kidnaps Gordon. He takes him to an abandoned courtroom where Katherine also shows up. She knows that he betrayed her and the Court and is not really happy about it. She wants to know who he told about the Court besides Bullock. When Gordon doesn’t want to answer she tells Barnes to kill him. Barnes is happy that he can be yet again the judge, jury and executioner. He also has a new tool, a detachable axe to go on his right arm. Right before Barnes can kill Gordon with this axe, Gordon asks for his GCPD badge. He thinks it is only fair that he can die while wearing it. Barnes agrees, but while he is pinning it on Gordon, the latter uses his fingers to detonate a grenade. Before it can actually detonate, Barnes throws it out of the window. Immediately after, the GCPD comes storming in but Barnes jumps out of the window and escapes. Also, Katherine is nowhere to be seen.

Back at the GCPD Gordon wants to go after Katherine as fast as possible. But before he has the chance, Alfred shows up with the news that Bruce is missing. When Gordon and Bullock tell him about the crystal owl that was destroyed, Alfred tells that he still has the one that he, Selina and Bruce stole a while back from the Court. It was destroyed by Jerome Valeska, but he still has the pieces. In the time that Alfred goes back to Wayne Manor to get the owl. the GCPD arrests Katherine.

While the crystal owl from Alfred is being fixed, Gordon interrogates Katherine. He wants to know more about the Red Queen bomb and where the Court has hidden it. Katherine pretends that she has no idea about any kind of bomb and she tells that she is not the one in charge of The Court of Owls. As soon as Alfred hears that Katherine is arrested he hurries to the interrogation room to question her himself. He even stabs her in the hand with a knife in order to get more info out of her.


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In the meanwhile, Barnes has come to the GCPD to finish what he started: killing Gordon. He fills the main room of the GCPD with knockout gas. When Bullock, Gordon, Alfred and Katherine hear the commotion they try to sneak out of the GCPD and get themselves in safety. That doesn’t work since Barnes is waiting for them. Gordon, Bullock and even Alfred try to fight Barnes, to no success. For each one of them, Barnes is simply too strong. At some point, Katherine has had enough. She stands up and demands Barnes to stop this nonsense and to take her home. She didn’t think about her words very well because Barnes gets pissed that she thinks that this is nonsense. She also wanted Gordon dead, nevertheless. So he does what any sensible person would do: he uses his axe to decapitate her. Before he can serve the same faith to Gordon, Gordon finds a rifle and blows Barnes his axe hand off. Finally, they can take Barnes in. Some time later, the crystal owl is fixed and the marked map is shown. Bullock sends every agent that he has to one of these locations in the hope that Bruce is at one of them. Barnes escapes yet again before he can be transported to Arkham.

Bruce goes back to Gotham with the Shaman. In a mansion, they continue Bruce his training. The Shaman still finds that Bruce needs to let go of all the pain from the night in the alley. Last time he had to leave his father’s cufflinks behind in a safe, and this time it is his mother’s pearl necklace. Bruce still has a hard time to let go. So the Shaman takes Bruce back to his own memories. In this specific one, he kills someone. This turns out to be the man that ordered the hit on Bruce his parents. And that someone was a member of the Court of Owls. The Shaman wants to bring the Court down, but he can only do that with Bruce’s help. Bruce needs to become Gotham’s saviour. This new info helps Bruce to let go of his mother’s pearls and leaves them in the save. When Bruce wakes up from being inside of his own mind, he doesn’t feel anything about that night or just in general. The Shaman has turned him into some kind of talon who would do anything that is asked. In other words: he is now a brainless slave.


Foto source: Jeff Neumann/FOX

In last week’s episode, we saw that Penguin was thrown in the same prison as The Riddler was. Both were not happy about it because they rather see each other dead. Ed because Oswald killed Isabella and Oswald because Ed tried to kill him. Ed stole a sedation arrow from one of the guards. He was planning on using it on the guard, but he shoots it at Oswald. Ed escapes out of his cell with a lock picking set, but Oswald makes a lot of noise so the guards come in and see the escaped Ed. Right before Oswald gets unconscious, he sees the guards beating up Ed. When he wakes up, Ed is back in his cell and pissed because Oswald snitched. Nevertheless, they decide to make a deal to help each other out of the prison. There are a few conditions attached to it, like no sabotage while breaking out and a five/six hour head start once they stand outside.

First, they pretend that Ed is ready to slice Oswald’s throat. By making lots of noise, the guards come to check on them. Once the guards open Oswald’s cell, Ed ‘slices’ Oswald’s throat and he falls to the ground. When the guards check on Oswald he and Ed knock them out so Oswald can grab the key for Ed’s cell. As soon as they reach the outside world they see that they are still somewhere in Gotham and they split ways. Edward goes to Barbara and her gangs while Oswald goes back to his army of freaks.


Foto source: Jessica Miglio/FOX