Devon finally returns home, after Pyrah left.

Julian’s car was found. She was not inside. Of course it is all over the news, drawing the attention of the Residents to the TV. I get that Julian was a representative of QuoVadis at the hospital, but with it been a few weeks now, and a new donut toting rep has appeared, I think most people would have forgotten about her. I mean only Devon has really noticed she went missing, but no one at the hospital has said anything, until the media coverage. Conrad calls Devon, and he is clearly shaken by the news. He goes to visit Julian’s place, and finds her neighbor/landlord. He claims Julian sent him over to get the cat. He goes through her mail and finds a phone bill. I will be honest with you, I think the only time I get bills in the mail anymore was when I was late on something. He goes through all her recent calls and finds the number for Mark Truscott, FDA director of devices. He goes to Conrad with his findings, and mentions how her last call was to the FDA, and Julian was trying to blow the whistle.

Dr. Austin and Mina approach Dr. Bell with their findings, and mention a site called Dollars for Docs, which list every dime every doctor takes from medical device companies. Austin calls him out, Doctor to Doctor, about allowing his staff to use products that cause harm to patients. Bell decides to take Austin off all high-risk procedures, to give Austin a clean record. The second the two leave, he checks the website, finding him in the system with a 750k donation from QuoVadis. He calls Gordon Page, wanting a face to face meeting, and mentions the chances of the product being defective. He wants to see data of the safety of the valve. Gordon is resistant, bringing up a run up to their IPO. He brings up all the money he gave Bell and claims all he asks in loyalty to him, and the products.

Jess has a job interview. It seems she is a paralegal. Nic is over supportive, giving her all the information she could find about high profile cases and what they are looking for in a paralegal to join their firm. She swings by Nic’s workplace, and shows a new outfit, but claims she needs $20 for a taxi cab to her interview. Conrad and Mina watch the interaction, and note how happy she is acting. Conrad brings up to Nic how opioids can cause euphoria. In case you forgot, Jesse overdosed last Season and has been fighting the addiction since reuniting with her sister. Nic denies the chances of her using again. She comes across the parents of an old friend, Letty, and asks how she is. It turns out she overdosed, but was put on life support so her organs could be donated. The parents fight, the father admitting he saw signs of her using, but was denying it, not wanting to believe. This shakes Nic, of course, and she rushes home. Of course Jesse does have some pills, and didn’t go to the interview. They fight, before Nic mentions Letty, and how Jesse can go visit her. Either Jesse can go to rehab, or can get out. Nic was done trying to save Jesse from herself.

Eloise, a patient of Conrad’s, is a med student, still going to school through virtual reality. She is on the list for a double lung transplant, and they have a donor already. Thought so. She has Cystic Fibrosis. In high school, I actually had a friend who had Cystic Fibrosis, where your mucus glands produce too much and your lungs become clogged. I didn’t know much about the disease then, I was focusing more on genetic mutations that developed mental disorders later, but then she got worse. Always toting around an air cannon, her boyfriend always by his side. The Summer before graduation, it came out he wanted to marry her that year on Halloween, because weird drama kids, right? They dated all through high school. She didn’t make it through Summer. We talked a lot, waiting for rides, and once she mentioned it was like her chest was filling with concrete. Sorry, random rant out of nowhere. Back to Eloise. Kit is her leading doctor, and mentions to Conrad how she has been her mentor since her first year in med school. We meet Jeannie, a young girl who needs a heart transplant. I won’t lie, gut says Jeannie is gonna end up with Eloise’s heart. Anyways, Kit and Conrad tell Eloise and her parents she is no longer eligible for a lung transplant. Kit mentions they can transplant the lungs, liver and pancreas. They are scared of course, it has only been successfully done once. Without the surgery, she would only have weeks. The donor they already have for the lungs will also be able to donate her pancreas and liver. Kit is very shaken, and breaks down and mentions having the find a Doctor crazy enough to take on such a case.

Cue Dr. AJ Austin. He wants the case, even though Dr. Bell put him on low risk surgeries. Bell is reluctant to use his sway on the ethics committee to get them approve such a risky surgery. Kit begs as a friend for help. Dr. Bell tells her no, not this time. Austin comes in to meet Eloise, as she is live streaming. She mentions maybe live streaming her surgery, but everyone is a bit hesitant. A lot could go wrong. Still, she says even if she dies, it would still be quite educational to the med students. Dr. Bell is the sway vote for the surgery, and Kit brings up his love of risky surgeries when it could advance medical history. They take Letty off life support, and they have to wait 5 minutes to make sure the patient’s heart really stopped. Dr. Bell and Mina are also in the surgery, and they are tearing into the patient, checking the organs. They have only a short period of time before the organs become unviable. The pancreas and right lung are fine, but the left lung is not. A rare disorder in the nodules that was not detected. Conrad brings up how her parents are viable matches, they only need a lobe of the lung from each parent. They decide to live stream the surgery anyways, just to her medical class. During the surgery, with extra hands on deck, Nolan the brown noser does a cut near the pulmonary artery and suddenly the patient is bleeding out. He calls for Dr. Austin, and Dr. Bell runs over to help. He sends Dr. Austin to finish transplanting the lobes with Mina, and takes over sealing the mother up.

They inflate the lungs, everyone nervous about the right lobe, as it shows some contusions. Everyone is holding their breath. The right lobe does not inflate. Mina mentions checking her airway, and notices something was blocking the airway. And both lungs respond. AJ decides to go back and support Dr. Bell, and Mina closes up Eloise. It cuts to her waking up, breathing on her own without a machine. Dad comes out of the surgery just fine, but her mother isn’t quite out of the woods yet. Everyone is hopeful, but she is on a breathing machine for right now. Still, as Eloise squeezes her hand, her mother squeezes back.

On a beautiful twist, it seems Dr. Bell pulled all the heart valves at Chastain, bringing back what they were using before. Mina is a bit shocked, saying it was a miracle. Gordon of course is not happy at all, and over the phone, tells Bell he will regret this. I think it was the fact he got his hands covered in the blood of a patient that brought him back to his roots. Kit is very impressed, even more so as he has another surgery lined up.