We open to Macy figuring out how to tell Julian it is over. She is fretting over hurting his feelings because he is a good guy. Jordan is still stuck in Idaho and contacts Maggie.

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Macy goes to the Shea Group to meet with Julian and Maggie and Mel retrieved Jordan. He let them know what he saw. The car that he saw Harry leave-in is one of the Shea Group’s cars. They tell Macy and believe Julian to be a bad guy. Unfortunately, the girls need Abigael. She has a potion recipe they need. She decides to move in because she no longer has access to her wealth. She does help with the potions and even gives a way to get them without bringing them. Maggie figures out it’s the aunt and Macy can’t find the room because there are too many. Then she passes out.

Maggie and Macy need a quicker way to find Harry. They need the magic detector. Which is Abigael’s former apartment? Julian’s Aunt Vivian is going to bring someone to the lab when her speech is over. Julian kind of reveals what is down there. He is however interrupted so he promises to finish telling her later. Mel and Abigael go back to Abigael’s apartment to find the magic detector. Jordan gets the next kiss.

Source TV Fanatic

Mel and Abigael find the magic detector. Unfortunately, the demons inhabiting her apartment come home. Thankfully Jordan doesn’t need to kiss Vivian. He just drinks after her. They get down to the basement again and find Harry. Abigael and Mel are trapped in a room but a blinding spell helps. Macy, Maggie, and Jordan make it back down to the basement and get to Harry.

What do they find when they get to Harry? Do they get him and themselves out? What do you think of this version of Charmed? Let me know in the comments below. If you comment, I will answer. Til next week…