As seen in the previous episode, Joe and Beck’s “Everythingship has come to an end. I really wanted to scream because Joe did so many ridiculous, foul, and sick things for a woman who doesn’t even want him. Not to mention he killed my favorite character! I’m going to miss Peach’s smart comments and clap-backs at Joe, she made the show a lot more interesting and always gave me something to look forward to when watching another episode. I really hope Joe will get caught for murdering her, but until then he enjoyed the company of Karen Minty. She is very caring for others, funny, and defiantly not Beck or Candice. Joe knew that Karen was the type of woman he needed in his life, but couldn’t help but to think about Beck. He believed that checking in on her social media a few times a day would help him gain closure, but it just made it harder for him to stop obsessing over her. Even Dr. Nicky agreed that Karen is whats best for him. I was actually surprised that Joe continued to go to therapy after finding out that Beck wasn’t having an affair with him.

After giving Joe the boot, Beck got a great book deal for writing a story about Peach’s death that made her writing career skyrocket. You would’ve thought that that Beck would be a lot more happier with her new found success, but like Joe she missed the relationship. She even pulled a Joe move by stalking Karen’s social media to see If Joe and Karen were together. From the look on her face, you could tell that the sight of Joe being happy with someone that’s not her really killed her inside. I thought it was odd of Beck to not be happy when, it was the life that she wanted.  Joe tried his best to be there for her through her time of grief even though there wouldn’t have been any grief if he would’ve just controlled his temper and accept the fact that he had to share Beck with someone else. To make matters worse for the two, Beck ended up running into Joe and Karen at the Froyo truck in the neighborhood (even though Beck doesn’t live in the neighborhood). I loved how Karen made herself present in the moment that Beck was being too friendly with Joe. Beck acted as if it was his fault that their not together when she is the one who put them together. For Beck to show her jealously over Joe really showed that she didn’t know what she wanted. One minute she doesn’t want Joe because Joe wants her and now she wants Joe because he doesn’t want her. Actually, he did want her and she knew it, that’s why she decided to secretly text him after bumping into each other.

As much happiness as Karen brought Joe he did not resist the urge to not text Beck. Both of them spoke to Dr. Nicky about their “friendship” and insisted that it was nothing more. Dr. Nicky even said metaphorically speaking that Beck was “the mouse in the house” which really is a nicer way of saying that she is a homewrecker. Even though Beck and Joe both lied to him about not being together, they slept together on numerous occasions which made me realize that Joe is now what Beck really wants. In the beginning we saw that Beck loved toxic people, but Joe got rid of them to give her a better life that she never asked for. In this episode I saw that Beck was all over Joe because he became a toxic person in her life that she had to have.  Despite the hurtful things Beck said about Joe in therapy, he acted as if she never said them. If I remember correctly Beck said that “The more you want me, the less I want you” so I’m pretty sure that their reunited romance won’t last long no matter how jealous Beck gets of Joe. It appeared that their romance was more “fun” than loving. I say this because it looked like they enjoyed sneaking and fooling around out of sight more than being together. It wasn’t until after their love session and forgetting about Paco being home alone that Joe realized that Beck is just sweet poison.

I felt bad for Karen because she had no drama, no games and no mess for Joe to clean up, yet it wasn’t good enough. She even helped get Paco’s  mom clean on her own in the basement of his book cellar so that she could work and properly care for her son. Those are things that Beck would never do, yet he loves the ground that she walks on. Even though Karen put herself in the situation, of being Joe’s rebound, I still didn’t believe that she deserved to be cheated on. I also thought it was funny that Joe expected Karen to slap him after he broke up with her. To be honest I was expecting her to interrogate him on the reason for the break up, but instead she just packed all of her things in silence and left the apartment like it was nothing. The maturity of that woman something I aspire to have some day but until then, If I get dumped by a man, he’s getting slapped. Karen also grew to be one of my favorite characters since I lost peach, but now I’m pretty sure she won’t be seen in any other episodes.

After giving Karen the boot, Joe felt good about being able to run back in the arms of Beck. The scene turned into one of the cliche happy endings of a chick flick when Joe throws a rock at Becks window and breaks it. He than screamed “You Got Me Babe” which is ironic because he mentioned how much they both hated when other couples called each other that. Beck’s desperation became Joe’s motivation to make amends and get back to the happy place they were in before. Unfortunately Beck doesn’t really know what she’s gotten herself into. After taking her man back from Karen, she was approached by Karen about their affairs. Instead of being upset, she implied that Beck was her free “Get out of Joe” card. At first I didn’t understand why Karen wanted to be relieved of Joe because she showed so much care for him, but later it made since when she mentioned the fact that Candice has her claws deep in him. I thought it was funny how Beck said that Karen got her chance to play the spiteful ex girlfriend when she was just playing the role of a homewrecker and If I’m not mistaken the homewrecker is the worst. By the look of Beck’s face you could tell that she was really concerned about her decision to get back with Joe, but she will just have to find out what happened to Candice because she could be next. We will see if she does on the next episode.