Celebrity run-ins are sure to make anyone a little excited… why not? After all, it’s someone you have been in awe over since you saw them for the first time, then to finally run into them after looking at them through rose-tinted glasses is a momentous occasion for anyone, but for the Pritchett-Dunphy/Pritchett-Tucker gang, it is something different entirely.

When members of this family finally get the chances of a lifetime during moments of their everyday lives it leaves everyone in their way either running in the other direction or looking at them for inspiration.

Phil (Ty Burrell) and Claire (Julie Bowen) Dunphy are in for a big surprise when Phil’s new client is a big-time music celebrity. But as luck would have it, Phil ends up having trouble in celebrity paradise and has to make an emergency run to the E.R.

Jay (Ed O’ Neil) is headed straight for jury duty unless he can get out of it ASAP.  That is until he is starstruck and becomes a fanboy of horrendous proportions.

Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) are eating lunch pondering Manny’s next life move, until Manny sees his all-time theatrical hero, only to be disappointed by his idol’s lack of compassion.

Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell  (James Ferguson) are doing some much-needed garden renovation when they run into one of their all-time make-over celebs, only to get a huge slap in the face by reality.

Great episode. Seriously has to be one of my favorites so far this season. This family will really show what people do in the last minute desperate attempt to get some affection and acceptance by someone they look to as a hero or just a plain old rock star.  We have all had our moments with being star struck. We all know that we get can be swept up in the moment and lose all mental control if only for a moment. Again, great episode with lots of laughs.