Photo courtesy of Channel 5.

The focus on Ramsay Street moved away from Sonya’s cancer battle temporarily to focus on Leo having a prolonged and mildly hilarious tantrum after having his heart broken. 

After Leo’s misguided public proposal, Terese called off their relationship, then went running straight back into Paul’s arms. They’d only just had a conversation about being careful not to hurt Leo’s feelings when Leo walked in and caught his dad with Terese. To say he flipped is a slight understatement. With wild hair and a slightly untucked shirt, which are sure signs of a downward spiral, Leo trashed Paul’s penthouse. Later, at Lassiters, Leo saw Paul and Terese together, and hurled the huge Valentine’s Day heart wreath at them, accidentally taking out one of Mel’s potential real estate clients with it instead. It was a glorious slapstick moment that made me laugh out loud, and the laughs have been few and far between in Erinsborough lately.

neighbours leo paul terese

You can tell he’s upset because his shirt is untucked. PHOTO: © Channel 5. SOURCE: Digital Spy

Leo was really off the rails by this point, because not only did he shout at his twin brother (which I have decided is not allowed because he’s too adorable), we found out that he’d slept with the grand total of one random backpacker as well. Shocking stuff. He also attempted to sabotage The Waterhole in a complex and dastardly plan involving two bin bags, but he aborted the whole thing when he realised that the event being held there was a fundraiser for Sonya’s cancer treatment.

At the charity auction at Sonya’s fundraiser, a mystery bidder won a picnic with Sonya, only it turned out to be none other than her son Callum, back from LA after his aunt Dipi had spilled the beans about his mum’s illness. He looks exactly the same apart from now he has a Tyler-esque man bun, which I’m having some trouble getting used to. I was glad to see him back though, I always liked the family dynamic with Callum, Toadie and Sonya, and his scenes with little Nell have been pretty cute. It doesn’t look like he’ll be the only family member to come back in the next few weeks either, which is perhaps the most shocking thing of all. Most of the time when people leave Ramsay Street it’s as though there’s a force field preventing their return – nobody ever comes back for all the usual family stuff like weddings, funerals or murder trials – so it’s actually quite refreshing to see a family reuniting in a time of crisis.

neighbours callum sonya

Callum returns with a man bun. PHOTO: © Channel 5. SOURCE: Digital Spy

Elsewhere, professional sad sack Gary continues to have an absolute nightmare. I am normally Team Sheila on most things because I think she’s awesome, but she’s exerting some really dubious coercive control over her son – who is a grown man – because of some self-help book she’s been reading. Every so often she turns up to say a few ridiculous catchphrases at him and bully him into getting yet another job, in fact I think he’s up to having about 73 of them by now. Because he’s somehow simultaneously working in the coffee shed and the nursery during the day, plus he has a warehouse gig at night, he was so tired and delirious that he got squashed by some boxes. I know Sheila is trying to help, but all she’s doing is making him look more inept than ever. Poor old Gary.

In other news, at the time of writing this, Mark is a policeman again, but that could have changed by the time this gets published…