Pike and Bellamy are at odds as usual. Photo Credit: The 100 CW

Pike, the new Chancellor, is sure convinced that he needs to take the fight to the grounders and that they can not be trusted. He leads his soldiers out in the field talk draw the lines in the sand and take the fight to the grounders. That is what he does, as he waited until night fall when a group of soldiers was asleep, to attack the archer lookouts, and then go into camp and start slaughtering the grounders while they slept. He then had the group start ending the lives of the injured grounders. All that was left from the massacre was one soldier, who was left injured to relay the message on who the attackers were and what their message was.

It was the sky people of Arcadia, and Bellamy was able to convince Pike to let her live, so she could tell Lexa that, “Sky crew rejects the coalition. This is their land now. They can leave or they can die.” As any rational leader would want to do after a massacre and being threatened, calls for all the 12 clans to gather their warriors up because they are taking the fight to, and will lay waste to Arcadia. Clarke asked to be allowed to go to Arcadia to try to talk some sense into the group to avoid war. Lexa however would not allow that to happen, and said that Clarke was a prisoner after what was going on. Meanwhile at Arcadia, Bellamy was showing signs of changing his stance, by first letting someone from the massacre win, and two by telling Pike that they went to far killing a group that wanted to help.

In other news, Theolonias returned to Arcadia to mixed reaction. Some people were happy to see him, others on team Pike wouldn’t let Theolonias’s side kick join in Arcadia saying no grounders were allowed. When they tried to take the holding contraption for the red dressed woman, his companion was shot and killed. When he was given apologies for his friends death he said it is ok, because death is not the end. Pike wanted to talk to him, find out why he was back, what was his agenda, he seemed to be threatened by the arrival of Thelonias at first, butt after their talks, Pike allowed Thelonias to freely talk with the citizens of Arcadia. He was trying to have an open forum discussion to try to convince members to join him at the city of light. Raven came in and was blowing up his forum saying she didn’t believe him or what he had to say. The red dressed woman told Thelonias that Raven is the key. If they can convince her to join than others will follow.

Clarke was eventually able to convince Lexa to let her go to Arcadia to try to talk some sense into Bellamy, after Octavia escaped Arcadia to check in with Lexa and her people. Octavia told her that Pike was behind this and was voted by the people. When Clarke was able to talk to Bellamy it didn’t go as well as she had hoped. She tried to talk to Bellamy about why the agreement needs to stay in place, and how the attack was a horrible thing. But Bellamy countered with he is glad that Clarke is not in charge, because every time she has been in charge people have died. Clarke tried to use some mind tricks on Bellamy saying she knew she could leave because he was there. He acted like he was really listening intently to what she had to say when he handcuffed her to throw her in a cell. On the walk to the cells, Octavia attacked a guard and then Clarke got something to stun Bellamy in the distraction. Both Octavia and Clarke were able to escape from their secret entrance Arcadia to go back and warn Lexa and the Grounders. Octavia was keeping watch while Clarke went to go talk to Lexa, trying to use her mind tricks on why they shouldn’t match blood with blood because not retaliating with blood is the hard thing to do. Lexa obeys that and calls off the attacks because she is wrapped around Clarke’s finger for sure. Lexa’s right hand doesn’t seem to be on board with that at all, but will not question her leader.

In the mean time at camp, Thelonias and Raven had another interaction in the dining room, he was noticing that Raven was having some struggles, she didn’t want to believe what he was selling still. He left with her a pill, that looks like a flat rock, with the sacred symbol on it and said what do you have to lose? After leaving the dining area she was struggling to make her way in the rain and mud, she was getting tired and frustrated. She took a seat, and decided that their was in fact nothing to lose so she pops the pill. She takes a few skeptical steps not expecting to feel any different, and then she takes a few more steps, and a few more faster, and looks down at her knee acting as if she is not feeling the pain. When she looks up again, she also sees the woman in the red dress looking at her, and she tells her, “Raven it’s time to get back to work.”

Previews show that Raven seems to be on a whole other planet with her actions, she is asked if she has anything more she is on. So is it all a dream mental state? Is the mystery pill full of mystery powers? Is their any saving of a wide scale war? All things we hope to find out next week.