Joe master-plan to get Beck all to himself has failed when his jealousy and trust issues came to repay him a visit on this episode of ‘You’. Beck’s grieving period gave Joe the opportunity to earn brownie points as she turned to him for comfort on her darkest days, but eventually his comfort wasn’t good enough for her anymore and she sought out a therapist by the name of Dr. Nicky. Joe talked to a therapist about the break up with Beck. He suspected the reason was because she was having an affair with her therapist, not at all the fact that he takes everyone she has ever cared about out of her life. Beck doesn’t know what he did, but if she did it would all makes sense. Every time Joe tries to get closer to Beck he ends up pushing her farther away and even right into another mans arms. Of course there relationship or “Everythingship” didn’t fall apart right away as Joe explained. The month after the funeral, the two were inseparable and shared many glorious moments together. Despite Joe being stupid for love, I found it very romantic how he recreated the scene of Beck’s first kiss so that he could be the “right” person for the job. This great moment lead to them connect on everything on every level. A game of scrabble made them form the word “Everythingship”. Joe’s goal was to be everything he could be for Beck and eventually he felt like he was.

Joe began to lighten up around Beck because of the security she had given him. He even tucked away Beck’s old cell phone so that he could learn to trust again. As soon as he stopped relying on his unhealthy stalking habits to form a relationship with her, she began to start hiding stuff from him. To keep things a little less personal, while talking about the therapist about his relationship with Beck, he didn’t disclose his or her real name. The look in his eye that he gave the therapist helped me conclude that he was indeed talking to Beck’s therapist, but he didn’t want her to know that he did. Instead of interrogating him with questions about his “relationship” with beck, he continued to tell Dr. Nicky how their relationship came crashing down. In the beginning I t hought that it was amazing that Joe decided to go to a therapist to help control his emotions and obsession with Beck, but he didn’t go for himself. He wen’t out of jealousy. I can’t understand why Joe wants to help Beck out so much when he can’t even help himself. It’s clear that he hasn’t gotten over Candice, so he tries to use Beck as a rebound. He feels as if the acts of “kindness” he does for her with mask the ugly and hurt that he feels inside.

Joe even got Beck a job at the Bookstore which was the best idea in the world to him because he wouldn’t have to worry about following her and they could be together more. The only problem is, is that Beck is horrible at her job. It became hard for Joe to play the role of a boss and a Boyfriend to Beck since she is his weakness. Suddenly her actions began to make more sense as she expressed how she kept having dreams about Peach. In a way she also said that their was relief on her after Peach died, but it still hurt. She began expressing herself less to Joe and more to Dr. Nicky which made Joe question what happens at her therapy sessions. She even told Joe that Therapy was the only “good” thing in her life which made Joe even more cautious. From his point of view I can understand why he would be worried about Beck’s sudden enthusiasm for therapy, but it’s also the consequence for altering her way of grieving and way of living her life. Had he not killed Benji or Peach, he wouldn’t have to worry about picking up the cracked pieces. Before forcing himself into her life, Beck was already a little broken from the way people treated her. Joe just made it worse by trying to “fix” it.

Beck thought about Peach more as it got closer to her birthday because Peach was known for making Beck feel very special on her Birthday. Joe thought that the way he treated Beck was a lot better than what Peach could do for her, but he doesn’t think about how many years they’ve been best friends. It was hard for her to let go of someone that would do anything to see her happy even if it hurts her. Joe thought that after filling her grieving periods with happiness, Beck would just forget about Peach and live a happy life with him. Joe didn’t know what to do to get Beck out of the funk that she was in over Peach, so her friend Lynn helped him out. Lynn advised Beck to throw a book themed surprise party for Beck even though she said she didn’t want one. I was actually surprised that Joe listened to Lynn about Beck since Peach was the friend that knew her the best, but I didn’t believe that Lynn wanted to throw the party out of Sympathy for Beck, she wanted him to throw the party so that they could get their mind off of Peach. This brought me back to the party that peach threw to get her mind off of her parents divorce. The worst apart about trying to forget horrific events is that those memories you created will always linger in the back of your mind. As they always will with Beck and Joe can’t do anything about it.

The “Everythingship” came to an end when Beck wasn’t surprised at her surprise party. Apparently Beck was late because she had a lot on her mind and her therapy session was longer. Becks excuses was no match for the way Joe felt about his actions going noticed and unappreciated. When Dr. Nicky was contentiously brought up during their fight he officially accused Beck of cheating on him with her therapist. She denied it, but Joe asked if it wasn’t true, that he should see her phone. Beck discouraged him from looking through it by saying if they don’t have trust, they don’t have anything. This lead Joe to retrieve her old phone to see what she was up to when she is going to therapy. When he got caught stalking her, Beck broke up with Joe. In disbelief that it was all of his fought he continued to ask the therapist why it all ended. Whether Joe wanted to believe it or not, it really was all of his fault. As much as he wanted to kill Dr. Nicky, he know he couldn’t do it without knowing for sure if they slept together. Joe found a voice recording of Beck’s therapy session confessing her feelings about Joe. “The more you want me, the less I want you” is what Beck said that really stuck with me. If Joe would’ve just gotten to know her the normal way maybe Beck would be in love with him in a natural way. Joe finally realized that Beck needed to be alone and if it meant that she would he be happy, he’s all for it. Of course it’s hard for him to let go of a woman he killed two people for, but he did. Although he was heartbroken over the situation, a neighbor named Karen volunteered to be his rebound after his break up, but we will save the juicy deats for next time. Till next time ‘You’ fans.