Carol is upset when she discovers that the crew at the news station don’t like each other. She attempts to have  a group meeting to help everyone bond, but it just causes more conflicts between some of the co-workers. Feeling hopeless, Carol prays for her co-workers to become friends. Miraculously, what was supposed to be a few flurries turned into a major snow storm, forcing the crew to stay in the studio all night.

With tensions between the co-workers high, Carol gets the brilliant idea to steal wine from the morning show Morning Wined Up. Side note, Morning Wined Up is clearly inspired by Kathy Lee and Hoda and stars characters played by Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch. Brilliant.

Carol’s plan works and the crew gets drunk and starts to have a great time together. The only problem is that while the crew is partying, they get word that the network wants them to do a special broadcast about the storm….in 20 minutes.

Chaos ensues as the co-workers attempt to put together a successful show. The show goes live and the crew is able to produce a semi-decent show.