Episode Synopsis:

On the night before the wedding, Nick and Winston try to help Schmidt re-write his vows and Jess, thinking that Sam is going to propose to her, rallies the gang into playing True American to avoid giving him an answer.

Jess, Cece & Sam- The gang have a rehearsal dinner and Nick and Jess are super on top of things since they are the Best Man and Maid of Honor. Also, we get to see Sam’s reaction to Nick and Jess being adorable, which is a little hint hint for later. Afterwards, Schmidt and Cece have to go off and sleep in their separate rooms since it’s the day before the wedding. While Jess and Cece are having a conversation in Jess’ room, Jess discovers a ring in Sam’s jacket pocket! They both freak out and Jess thinks Sam might be proposing to her. Of course a little bit later, Sam opens the door and asks if he can talk to Jess. When Jess comes out and starts talking to Sam, he opens his mouth, but she immediately panics and shouts out that she wants to play True American. Smooth move, Jess. While the gang is playing, Coach makes his appearance and they continue. In a very shout out way to “Cooler,” Sam and Jess pick the same number and they go behind the partition that separates the rooms from the rest of the loft. As Sam and Jess are talking, Sam reveals that he wants to break up with Jess. Stunned, Jess finds out that Sam does indeed love Diane, and wants to be with her This scene felt a little weird to me because at the end of “Return to Sender,” Sam tells Jess that his feelings for Diane have past and that he wants to be with Jess, but then all of sudden, he changes his mind? It seemed like the writers had to find a way to have Sam and Jess break up, so they just undid what Sam said to Jess last time. Anyway, after finishing True American, Cece is upset that her mom won’t be coming to the wedding, while Schmidt’s parents will be there. And while Jess and Sam wait for the elevator, Sam asks Jess why she was so hesitant to marry him, and when Jess reveals that she didn’t know, Sam instantly knew why. To keep Jess out of the dark, Sam tells Jess that it was because of Nick. Sam has known the whole time that Jess wasn’t over Nick, which symbolizes what we saw in the beginning of the episode of Nick and Jess being adorable around each other. The chemistry hasn’t faded. I loved Jess’ face after Sam revealed that she still has feeling for Nick. Pretty sure she was in shock again.


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Nick, Schmidt & Winston- At the rehearsal dinner, we see that Tran is back! I’m not exactly sure why he was there because he’s Nick’s friend and not Schmidt and Cece’s, but whatever. It was still nice to see him again. Back to the fact that Schmidt and Cece have to sleep in separate rooms for the night, Schmidt tells Nick that he’s missing his flash drive that his vows are on. We see in a flashback that Schmidt’s flash drive was stepped on while rehearsing the hora, so Schmidt is back to square one. To prevent Schmidt from freaking out, Nick and Winston decide that they will help Schmidt rewrite his vows. Sadly, they do a horrible job because all Nick does is reference his zombie novels and his approach to writing those, which of course isn’t any help. Also, Winston isn’t any help because while he was talking to Aly after the rehearsal, she looked uncomfortable and left, so he was pretty sure he said something wrong. Later, after True American, Schmidt and Nick are talking in the bathroom, and Schmidt tells Nick that all he wants to do is make Cece happy, so instantly, Nick tells Schmidt that that’s what the theme of his vows should be. To make Cece happy. On the other side of the loft, Coach tells Winson that he needs to talk to Aly about what happened after the rehearsal dinner. Also, in some what of a twist, when Sam discovers the ring in his pocket, Schmidt finds out that that ring was actually from his mom to her girlfriend, because she was going to propose to her. And flipping back to Winston and Aly. Winston goes over to Aly’s apartment and discovers that she left so suddenly because she got food poisoning. He also discovers that Aly loves him! I’m so happy for them because they are great together and Winston deserves to be with someone because he hasn’t had a real relationship in a while. Lastly, after Schmidt finds Cece crying in Jess’ room about her mom, he decides that he’s going to go to Portland to get Cece’s mom and bring her to the wedding.

I really loved this episode. They brought back a lot of favorites like Tran, True American and some references to “Cooler.” Of course the best part was Jess’ revelation that she might still have feelings for Nick. I loved that even though Sam tried with all his might to overlook Nick and Jess’ chemistry, he still knew deep down, that things were unresolved. This really got the ball rolling for the Nick and Jess storyline and of course that made my heart soar. We’ve been waiting forever for some nitty gritty Nick and Jess storylines, so I was happy the writers decided to implement it into episode before the finale. Also, I’m super happy for Winston and Aly because I wasn’t sure if Aly was going to come back for next season, but now that the two are in love, I’m pretty confident that Aly will be back. It will be nice to see how the writers progress their relationship and I hope Aly is the one for Winston.


4/5 rating