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*** This post contains major spoilers for episode 2×11, “The Book of Secrets-Chapter One: Prodigal Son.”

After getting his spine ripped out of his back at the end of the last episode, Khalil is still in critical condition. In the hospital, Khalil asks Jefferson (Black Lightning) to kill Tobias. Khalil tells him he’ll give him everything he has on Tobias but Jefferson ultimately refuses.

At church, Reverend Holt is giving a passionate speech to the people of Freeland about not needing Black Lightning and taking back the streets and the culture before he falls dead to the ground via a poison handkerchief from Cutter.

Outside the hospital Jennifer is minding her own business standing by a car when a white woman accuses her of trying to steal it. As the woman calls 911, Jennifer blows up her car with electricity and tells the woman she should call god instead because her car got struck by lightning.

After using her powers on the car, Jennifer is having trouble controlling her powers and Jefferson calls for Parenna’s help. Parenna then helps Jennifer focus and turn off her powers.

Todd and Tobias are reviewing the footage from the ASA headquarters of the pod kids when Tobias recognizes Helga Jace and ponders why she looks like she hasn’t aged in 30 years. They both head out to find her.

At the hospital, Lynn offers her experimental work on the pod kids to help Khalil, but the hospital doesn’t allow any experimental operations.

Henderson informs Jefferson of Holts passing and Jeff knows that this is Tobias. With his intel from Khalil, Jeff tells Henderson he has resources and they can get Tobias. Jeff takes Henderson to his secret lair where Gambi is. Henderson is shocked to find Gambi there. With access to Holts body, Gambi finds out he was poisoned and they come up with a plan to get Tobias on more than one murder to put him away for good.

Jennifer wants to use her powers to jump start Khalil’s synapses but her mother is against it. Jennifer also comes up with an idea to put Khalil in a pod, at least until they can fix him.

While waiting in the hospital, Grace Choi visits Anissa, supporting her in her time of need with some greasy hamburgers.

Lynn comes back with some of her doctors from the ASA, threatening to sue if they don’t give her access to the body.

Henderson shows up to Tobias’ asking questions about Khalil. Tobias claims that he tried to mentor him but after the Freeland shooting, he cut ties with the boy. With Gambi watching from the outside, Henderson stays in the house long enough for Gambi to locate a secret safe.

Locked up in a cell at the ASA headquarters, Todd breaks Dr.Jace out using some fancy technology, that makes Jace look like she’s still in her cell. Todd takes Jace back to Tobias’ where we learn that Jace was the one responsible for giving the anti-aging serum to Tobias. Tobias was also the guinea pig, but in the end it worked out for him and her as she used the serum on herself. Jace tells Tobias that she can get him 4 of the pod kids.

Gambi searches the safe for the briefcase but Tobias was smart enough to move it. Jefferson is called back to the hospital where we learn that Khalil is too sick to be put in a pod.

Jennifer, using the psychic part of her powers, takes the dying Khalil to a surreal version of prom which Khalil realizes is all a dream. Minutes later, Khalil flat-lines and dies.

In the final scene, Jace, Todd, Cutter, and Tobias break into the quarters where the pod kids are being held.


The first part of the book of secrets, “Prodigal Son,” sets up the final chapter of the season very nicely, tying up the plot thread with Dr.Jace and Tobias and finally the death of Khalil, who will definitely be missed. The show is never afraid to kill off recurring characters, and we get two this episode with the deaths of Reverend Holt and Khalil. With Holt dead and the clinic being the last piece of property Tobias needs and access to the pod kids, Tobias is this close to having all the power to take over Freeland.

With Khalil slowly dying, the episode did a good job of keeping it serious, while sprinkling in dashes of humor from Jennifer, Tobias and even Henderson to keep it from getting too dour.

While Khalil is gone, Jennifer sent him off in the very best way possible, giving them both a chance to have one last dance at the prom, before he saw the light.

Positives and Negatives

+ Sent off Khalil in a satisfactory way

+ Tobias closer to having ultimate power

– Another case of a white person being racist to the Pierce family

+ While I’d usually complain about the lack of suits or fighting, I thought it was appropriate to have none in the episode

+Aggressive Lynn Stewart

+ Grace and Anissa are best used in small doses

– Jennifer being completely careless with her powers