Remember last week when I said the show was losing momentum?

I take it aaaall back.

This week’s installment was visually stunning, displaying CGI and other SFXs that put even The Flash to shame. The plot wasn’t bad, either.

The Legends return to the year 2166, in another, more desperate attempt to unravel Savage’s tyranny. Captain Cold and Heatwave infiltrate his command base and kidnap who seems to be his right-hand sergeant. As it turns out, she’s his daughter.

Although it seems out of character for Savage to have a daughter, given his curse-induced eternal lust for Kendra and all, it all makes sense when we understand that Savage was responsible for his wife’s death. The Savage-ette, Cassandra, is well-portrayed by actress Jessica Sipos, who demonstrated an icy-cold and uncompromising nature which played well against Captain Cold’s character. At first Cassandra seems devoted to her father’s cause, until Cold appeals to her as someone who also had daddy issues, revealing to her that Savage released the Per Degaton’s Armageddon virus that ended her mother.

Then, as any father would, Savage sends a giant robot after the team who abducted his daughter. Leviathan is closing in on the team when Ray essentially hits the “Supersize Me” button and the Atom grows in size to match Leviathan. The fight scene is hands-down the best visual affects we’ve seen from Legends, and it was backed by Ray’s desperation to save the team and the innocent refugees they saved in the ship. Altogether awesome.


Source: CW // Legends of Tomorrow

If this scene rated a perfect score, then Kendra’s encounter with Savage broke the scale. DC fans everywhere grew up with a badass Hawkgirl who kicked ass and took no prisoners, but Kendra Saunders has so far been portrayed as too compassionate to hurt anyone. So, it was a refreshing relief to see her go after Savage, aiming to kill.



Too bad for viewers, Kendra happened to meet the wrong soldier while beating Savage black and blue. Without spoiling it, this discovery makes her spare Savage’s life, taking him prisoner. It was nice to see Hawkgirl as fans had always though of her, but this scene was done well, if Kendra had killed Savage, it would’ve been too drastic of a shift and probably would’ve taken away from the action.

Overall, well done LoT, a thoroughly entertaining watch.

Article Submitted by Rachel Hill