The Walking Dead returns for 9b finally! The season really had good momentum despite the losses that the show had. Losing Rick from the show, but will be in movies, Maggie for now, or forever? We still aren’t quite sure about Maggie’s status, and of course Jesus is now gone after getting murdered by the Whispers. As the season is about to begin the news is centered around the fact that in season 10 the Michonne character will be leaving the show. The talks going around is that the Michonne character will be alive and will be signed on for 3 movies for the AMC network, much like the Rick Grimes character. That doesn’t necessarily mean the two characters will be linked.

But before all that we look forward to season 9, the group as we know it have to figure out how to get along, not only that they have to figure out how to overcome the newest threat in the Whisperers. For those who had AMC premiere they were able to watch the episode last week. I do not, and wasn’t able to watch it, but I did see a sneak peak of the scene, the image above with Michonne is the clip. Which I really did enjoy, I can say it seems like the group we know actually has come up with a great full proof plan(for once!) Maybe not having Rick make all the plans is actually a good thing!

In the preview we see the bridge with the covered area, Daryl is at one end the walkers are coming after Daryl. Daryl shoots one in the leg and it’s a walker so nothing happens, Daryl shoots another in the leg, and it’s a person who screams out loud! The actual walkers pounce to eat him, two ‘walkers’ are in a group behind and slowly try to turn around the other direction. A couple people run to be next to Daryl, while Michonne appears at the other entrance of the bridge. One ‘walker’ sees Michonne with the sword and grabs a knife and rushes at Michonne like a moron and gets killed instantly. The other one sees she is cornered and gives up, in another preview we know this to be Alpha’s daughter. It seems Daryl and Alpha’s daughter will have a lot of interaction going forward.

I’m anxious to see how everyone else has woken up following the new threat.