Source: FXX

With just two more episodes to go, Danger Island delivers some real meat. For a show that’s made more than a fair share of cannibalism jokes in its run, it’s little surprise that Matt Reed clearly had fun with this episode. You can almost hear Woodhouse fondly recall the taste of longpig. As an accessory to the peckish natives, David Cross’ anthropologist character from “Heart of Archness” returns, albeit missing an arm, which apparently tastes like chicken.

With the entry of Lana into the race for the idol, the cast has been split up into three groups. The focus of this weeks’ installment is understandably on Archer and Pam, who start the episode trussed up and debating the preparation methods behind human protein-based cuisine. The dialogue is sharper than before, with no shortage of off-color jokes. For die-hard followers of Adam Reed’s writing, there’s even a Frisky Dingo callback, which Archer rightly laments to the fourth wall that no one will understand.

Fans of Indiana Jones are all but promised a gauntlet of tumbling boulders festooned with poisoned darts in the next episode. As Archer: Dreamland made clear, the characters aren’t sacred here, and Archer is more than capable of imagining their demise. With the stakes high and potentially pointed at the characters, it’s anybody’s guess who will make it out of the jungle alive. Hopefully, the ending of Danger Island will be a little more uplifting than Dreamland. Regardless, it’s on its way.