Flash 512 1

Sherloque reveals the key to their plan. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth.

Please Keep In Mind That This Article Contains Potential Spoilers For “Memorabilia” and Events That Occurred Prior

Well that plan backfired didn’t it? I will applaud the show for the bold decision of having Grace turn against Team Flash—even after many attempts to convince her otherwise. We knew something had to eventually get in the way of their plan. Dealing with Cicada obviously wasn’t going to end so simply at this point. While I still stand by my opinion that Cicada is far overshadowed by anything relating to Nora/Thawne, not only did “Memorabilia” do a better job at balancing the two plot threads, but in turn added some interesting layers to the Cicada conflict. Even a potential cult angle was teased to us—something that certainly fits in given what we’ve seen.

I always find storylines in dreamscapes to be a blast. It gives the writer’s lots of creative freedom, and can lead to some pretty great stuff. Both dream worlds had interesting stories to tell. With Nora, I loved the creepy—horror like vibe that everything came off as. In fact, I found Cicada to be at his scariest point yet when he become a threat to Nora thanks to Grace.  When it came to Nora’s memories, we were given brief and tantalizing glimpses into the future, complete with a trip to The Flash Museum.

Flash 512 2

Team Flash trying to figure out why Nora went in alone. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth.

Barry and Iris’ part of the episode focused on the mother and daughter relationship between Iris and Nora. It was good to see this facet of their relationship further explored—and their explanation of Nora’s projections of her mother was great. There was an emotional impact in realizing that the memories of future Iris were warped by Nora’s childhood understandings of things. Knowing this helped give Iris further peace that she has a chance of not becoming the mother Nora hates. When it came to Barry, most of his focus came hand in hand with Iris. However, it was great seeing his amusement at all of the trinkets in The Flash museum.

One thing didn’t fully sit right with me when it came to this week’s episode. The exploration of Nora’s memories of Iris was great—but given the situation, that really shouldn’t have been on the forefront of her mind. In terms of Barry and Iris, they should have been experiencing more hints and teases into Nora’s  secrets. I know her defense mechanism was The Reverse Flash, but that felt very minuscule. Given how panicked Nora was at the idea of her parents seeing her memories, you’d think that more of her secrets would be at stake. I’m sure questions will still be raised given Reverse Flash’s presence in her mind—and Sherloque’s nifty shot at Nora.

Flash 512 3

Sherloque slowly poking away at Nora’s secrets. Photo courtesy of The Flickering Myth.

“Memorabilia” provided a great episode on all fronts. Not only did it give good character work, but it also made the Cicada situation more interesting layered. While I would have expected much more movement on the Thawne storyline, one can only hope that suspicions will only rise after what was seen in Nora’s head.


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