Our gang settles into life on Zihuatanejo. Tandy wrote a song for the occasion. He starts tuning his guitar, but then, once again, uses it more as a drum, banging on it while he sings a song to the same tune as his previously used Open-Ended Nature of Unwitnessed Deaths. When he opens his eyes after jamming out, only Carol is left, clapping and supporting him.

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Screenshot: Hulu – The Last Man on Earth “Wisconsin” on FOX

Carol has a ‘¡Grande opening!’ for the hospital and also home. She asks when the others are planning to move in. Gail breaks it to her adopted daughter that she and Erica are planning to continue living in the beach house they’ve been staying at. Similarly, Melissa and Todd are heading back to the B&B up the road. Sensing her disappointment, Gail tries to reassure Carol that everything will be basically the same as it has been up to this point. Before leaving, Todd tells Tandy about his and Melissa’s hot honeymoon plans, saying they have a safe word in place. Once everyone is gone, Carol predicts to Tandy that living apart will ruin their group.

home sweet hospital

Screenshot: Hulu – The Last Man on Earth “Wisconsin” on FOX

Tandy takes Jasper out to the junkyard where they find an electromagnet. After a lot of messing around, Tandy puts on a full metal suit and has Jasper flip the switch so Tandy will be pulled up to the magnet. Jasper releases Tandy, causing him to crash to the ground. He then turns the magnet back on, but this time when Tandy gets stuck to it, he walks away, leaving Tandy there. Tandy yells for help repeatedly and eventually he spots Gail, who is pushing a cart down the road. She’s reluctant to help, but ultimately she does.

gail saves tandy

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Todd and Melissa get into role-playing on their honeymoon.

melissa maid

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Tandy gets home late and Carol asks about his day. He tells her about his encounter with Gail at the junkyard. Carol is so excited to hear about Gail, missing all of her friends now that they are living apart. She asks him many questions, including what she was wearing. When Tandy says she was wearing a scarf, Carol’s mood drops. According to Carol, Gail never wears scarves, and she is missing important milestones in her life. Tandy suggests that they go over to Gail’s house to make Carol feel better.

carol asks about gail

Screenshot: Hulu – The Last Man on Earth “Wisconsin” on FOX

When they get to Gail’s house, Carol gives her mother a walkie-talkie so they can keep in touch. Carol then hears noise coming from the other room, so she walks further into the house. In the dining room, she catches everyone having a dinner party without Carol and Tandy, greatly hurting Carol’s feelings. Melissa explains that she and Todd had stopped over because they ran out of coconut oil and then the girls invited them to stay for dinner. Gail had wanted to come get Tandy and Carol to join them, but when had ‘wine legs’ and they live a mile apart. Carol storms out, and Tandy points out to everyone remaining in the room that they, also, have coconut oil.

walkie talkie

Todd asks Melissa if they can take a break from honeymooning because he’s not feeling so well. Melissa comes in, role-playing as a school bully, Spike Sanchez.

spike sanchez

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Carol releases an issue of The Post Virus Post and leaves it on Gail and Erica’s doorstep. Erica reminds Gail that Carol is very pregnant and hormonal and adjusting to life without her. They agree that Gail should apologize so everyone can move on.

post virus shun in the oven

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After sharing a kiss, the couple hears Carol yelling through the walkie-talkie, saying Carol’s in labor. Gail runs as fast as she can to the hospital, while listening to Carol and Tandy over the line. The baby is already born by the time Gail arrives, and she starts to tear up over her grandchild. Except the whole thing was a trick, and Tandy bursts his head out from under the blanket. Carol says that she just wanted to see if Gail would even bother coming to the birth of her child. The rest of the gang runs in and Tandy re-bursts out of the blanket, scaring everyone. Erica is annoyed that they had to run all the way here with her week-old baby. Todd complains about being hot and dehydrated after being up for 36 hours. Everyone walks out, and Carol notes to her husband that they had to make a point, and points always hurt because they’re so sharp.

birthing tandy

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Gail’s voice comes through the walkie-talkie, and it’s an apology. Carol and Tandy smile at each other, but then Gail starts wailing in pain. She says she’s fallen down a well filled with gators and snakes. Carol is filled with concern for her mother until Gail comes over the radio and says that she’s walked into a bear trap. Carol and Tandy realize what’s going on and Carol turns their walkie-talkie off. Todd comes on and says he’s having a heart attack at the store. He and Melissa had split up, and Melissa, thinking her husband is joining in on the joke, says she’s being attacked by chupacabras. It’s not until Todd says ‘Wisconsin,’ their safe word, that Melissa realizes that he’s in actual peril. Melissa, Gail and Erica rush Todd to the hospital/Carol and Tandy’s house. Gail instructs them on what they need to do, and we skip forward to when he’s waking up.

walkie talkie prank

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Carol and Melissa both felt that they were to blame, but when Todd wakes up, he blames it on all of the energy drinks he consumed.


Screenshot: Hulu – The Last Man on Earth “Wisconsin” on FOX

Gail looks around at the group and decides that they really should all start living together again. She tells Carol that they’ll definitely have to find a new place to live than the hospital, and the two walk off to propose this to the rest of the group.

moving back in

An apartment complex would be the easiest fix, but will the gang choose something along those lines or something where they are actually living in the same space? Tune in to The Last Man on Earth on FOX!