I never thought I would own Pez, and I own Marvel characters that I don’t in regular pops! Photo Credit: Jon Hicks/The Game of Nerds

So something has really gotten into my head and not sure when it happened. Now I always knew of Pez, I had a couple Green Lanterns, with one pictures above, but never really hunted them down. I had one of the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Pez, and still wasn’t in love with it and gave it away. But something happened, for instance the Cap’n Crunch Pez above became an exclusive with exclusive chase to Target stores, and the hunt was fun. I found myself going to Targets I don’t usually go to to try to find these for myself and other friends.

Next came a random trip to Hot Topic and got the Hulk chase, and at that time, and still to this day I don’t have any Marvel pop characters. Next came another Hulk and Batman that I found at Walmart, again a store I don’t spend a lot of time looking at. But Funko had me paying attention to Pez and checking stores almost daily. At a local comic and toy store I found the Giant Pez Bart, and I couldn’t eat my shorts man and pass that up.

Just recently the Deadpool chase was an exclusive to Hot Topics, and from what I have been reading stores only got one case, thus one chase, and that price has absolutely skyrocketed, at time of writing it has a value of $95! For a chase you could have found in a store I just find crazy. Now I don’t know how much regular Pez are really worth, but I know that Pop Pez has a guideline via Pop Price Guide. So is this a reason that more people are paying attention to the Pez because they have values?

The gold Huckleberry Hound is probably a favorite of Brian Mariotti as he loves Hanna Barbara line. This was an exclusive to the Phillipines but I was able to win it in a contest. That is sitting around, wait for it, $250! I know that it was hard to get as it was from the Phillipines and limited to 600 made it very coveted. Seeing all the Pez has had me paying more attention, I have a Riddler regular Pez on the way, I have also entered a competition to try to win a 1 in 100 exclusive blue hair pop Pez. I hope I win that for a few reasons, what could that be valued at? Not sure, if you are wondering what the most expensive Pop Pez is? That is a gold Freddy Pop Pez which is valued at around $1,750 and is limited to only 50.

What is the most expensive regular Pez? I honestly do not know, but I feel if things continue I’ll be learning that soon enough.

Do you collect Pez? Do you collect Pops? Do you collect Pop Pez? Let me know in the comments!