In recent years, romance has become an even bigger part of Doctor Who, however companions falling in love isn’t anything new. These are just a few favourites, but of course there have been many many more!

Amy and Rory


Amy and Rory had more than their fair share of ups and downs over the course of their time with the Doctor. Best friends since childhood, they have faced many adversaries over the years and always become stronger. They’ve faced Daleks and Cybermen, been killed several times, waited years for one another and still, they’ve always found their way back together. Their ending when they decided that whatever happened, it would happen together was heartbreaking for the audience as well as the Doctor and the pair lived out a life full of love as Mr and Mrs Williams. And they also turn out to be the Doctor’s in-laws. Which is a little weird.

The Doctor and River

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Never meeting each other in the right order, the Doctor and River’s relationship was doomed from the start, quite literally as he first meets her the day that she dies. But despite this they can’t help falling in love with each other as their complicated intertwining story continues. The way the Doctor deals with th grief of finally losing her by throwing himself into saving a planet shows a lot about the Doctor as a character and his relationships. Though a lot of their marriage and relationship happens between 11 and River, it’s with 12 that it really becomes a strong and believable connection.

Jackie and Pete


Jackie and Pete Tyler have a bit of an unusual relationship. Our universe’s version of Pete died when Rose was a baby and then Rose was witness to an alternate version of Jackie being upgraded into a Cyberman. However this wasn’t enough to keep the pair apart and as the walls between universes were weakened by Torchwood playing with the rift Pete and Jackie have a chance to be reunited. They both know that the other isn’t the same person that they fell in love with however they get the chance to fall in love all over again in a new way. The last we heard they were happily living together in a parallel universe.

Susan and David


The first companion ever to leave the TARDIS and that was because Susan Foreman fell in love with a human named David while helping him to fight against the Daleks. The pair spend a lot of time together and over the course of The Dalek Invasion of Earth we as the audience get to see their love and romance grow as they become closer. The Doctor notices this too and at the end of the story decides that it would be best for Susan to go off and have her own life instead of always looking after her grandfather. Even though it pains him to say goodbye he knows that she will be safe and loved on Earth with David.

Ian and Barbara

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Though their relationship is never categorised as such on screen, the chemistry between Ian and Barbara is obvious right from the start. They’re both strong and brave characters who bolster each other up and don’t let anyone tell them what they should do or who they should be. It is revealed in The Sarah Jane Adventures that they marry and become professors after leaving the Doctor, and that is it rumoured that neither of them have aged since the 1960s.

These are but a few of the couples the Doctor has helped to form over the years! Let us know what your favourite romance or romantic moment is! We love hearing from you!