Per usual, this week’s Better Call Saul opens with blast to the past. In flashback, Jimmy works the mail room at HHM. Chuck comes home from court with a big win based on finagling obscure laws to victory. Kim, determined to get her law degree, asks Jimmy to step up his work and questions Chuck about the case details. Jimmy pretends to know nothing, but secretly he sneaks off to the HMM law library to study.

Kim works long hours at home and finds the strain a lot to take. Meanwhile, Jimmy really wants to revive Wexler-McGill as his scribblings on a legal pad (what else?) display. Jimmy refuses to see the therapist that Kim recommended and heads to work the long, boring shift at the cell phone store. There, in between ordering signage for Wexler-McGill and doodling, he fields a call from a stranger who wants to talk with Jimmy McGill the Lawyer because his aunt. Jimmy refers him to HHM, but feels immediate grief at the loss his friend.

Fring and Mike meet in a warehouse. The Better Call Saul Instagram team has really been pushing this scene. Mike points out that, since Fring wants German engineers they need to pretty much build them their own clubhouse. Fring agrees to everything Mike proscribes, but mysteriously leaves at a mention of an “infection.” Later, Mike visits Stacy and they each apologize for their actions at the support group. Stacy suggests apologizing to Anita as well, but Mike clearly remains uninterested.

Kim meets with Rick Schweikart, whose law firm Jimmy successfully sued in season one. Rick offers Kim a job starting a banking law division at their firm. Elated, Kim takes Jimmy to lunch. Kim wants to work for Rick. Jimmy offers to turn Wexler-McGill into a criminal law firm, so that Kim can take public defender cases more easily. Kim gently tells Jimmy that she doesn’t want to bring Wexler-McGill back.

Jimmy shows up at Howard’s office. Howard reveals that the firm is bleeding attorneys. Jimmy taunts Howard in to galvanize HHM back to success.Howard gives Jimmy his inheritance from Chuck which Jimmy uses to buy more burner phones. Jimmy stores them in his old office behind the nail salon, much to his landlord, Mrs. Nguyen’s, dismay.

Fring visits Hector in the hospital. He taunts him, even though Hector remains in a coma. Fring gloats about how he expand his empire. Meanwhile, Mike and Bernard bring the Germans to the warehouse. The Germans, not on the job yet, try out all the goodies that Mike set up for them. One of them, Kai, promises trouble for Mike and Fring, by immediately going for the beer and requesting girls.

Jimmy goes back to the hot dog stand to confront the boys who mugged him. He goads them into a chase down an alleyway, where two thugs working for him ambush them. Jimmy then takes the muggers to a storage unit full of piñatas, where his thugs bust open piñatas with a bat, while Jimmy chews out the muggers. He terrifies the muggers into leaving him alone, but wuth a clear smile on his face afterward.

Jimmy’s dark side continues to strengthen it’s grip, but nonetheless he feels compassion toward his elderly clients and also toward Howard who’s just falling apart. Kim seems to be growing tired of Jimmy’s refusal to grieve for Chuck. Meanwhile, Mike channels his anger at Matty’s senseless death into an orderly organized drug trade with as little mess as possible.


Photo source: Photo by Matthias Clamer/AMC/Sony Pictures Television