The Aerosmith vs Little Feet fight concludes in the 11th episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind.

The final confrontation between the two in the street is fantastic, both visually and auditorily. The purple burning fire engulfing the street and surrounding the two wounded combatants is one of the best visuals so far this season. The presentation feels like the great Italian genre of Spaghetti Westerns with the two staring each other down before having a final, deadly, showdown with the winner determined by who would act faster.


The earlier fight between a shrunken Narancia and a simple spider, both trapped in a bottle by the sadistic Formaggio is one of the most squeamish moments throughout the entire series, especially with some of the added details in the description about how the trapped Narancia will be digested alive and conscious.


The added detail in the adaption of Narancia’s backstory was also greatly appreciated. The fact that certain things were shown, such as Narancia’s relationship with his father, rather than directly stated bares the mark of good transition between the medium of manga and animation.

The fact that the entire fight though took three episodes is a bit concerning though. I worry that later parts may suffer from over condensing if so much time is spent on the front half. Though the Man in the Mirror fight is set up almost immediatly in this episode.