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Photo Source: The CW // Jane The Virgin

One full season (and three years) after Jane and Michael’s wedding, we got another JTV wedding–and this one was way more entertaining. It seemed, at first, that #XoRo’s wedding may not happen. Darci showed up 7 months pregnant and confessed the baby was Rogelio’s and a crazy hurricane created countless problems. In the end, #XoRo decided nothing could stop them from their big day. It was hella romantic, and as Jane said, it wasn’t fate for them…they chose each other. Above all else. Let’s hope it sticks this time, because these two really are perfect for each other. And their crazy, messed up wedding was perfect, too. <3

Let’s recap what else happened at the #XoRoWedding. (A LOT happened):

Rafael & Petra

Well, unsurprisingly, Rafael and Petra’s budding relationship crumbled faster than it started. Petra picked up on Jane’s budding feelings for Raf, and Chuck pointed out to her that Rafael will always have feelings for Jane. When Petra confronted him about it, instead of fighting for her, he agreed that maybe they shouldn’t be together. Then, he went straight to Jane to ask her about her feelings. Instead of coming clean, she denied it and laid her head on his shoulder; then, her glowing heart lit up the whole room. Rafael kind of proved Petra’s point there; he jumped on the possibility that Jane may have feelings for him. So it’s safe to say things are not over between Jane & Rafael. 

One may think this bodes well for a Jafael reunion, but Jane ran into her old ex Adam (Tyler Posey). It’s was sort of fate-y, so they’ll probably be together next season. Hopefull it won’t last long…I want some Jafael, dammit!

Anezka & Luisa

In another fate-y situation, Anezka & Luisa caught a cab together and connected over all of the shitty things their siblings have done to them. Then, they decided to help each other sabotage their siblings. So, the episode ended with Anezka holding a gun to Petra, and Luisa kicking Rafael out of the hotel.

So, another season of Jane The Virgin has come to a close, and some crazy cliffhangers are up in the air. How will we make it four months to the new season?!