The finale to the Elseworlds saga was epic. Viewers got to witness Novu, Dr. Deegan as Superman in his latest reincarnation, Cisco as a criminal boss, and Kaitlyn and Diggle as Dr. Deegan’s henchmen.

Let’s just jump right in.

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We see Barry and Oliver face off against Deegan, who’s assumed the role of Superman in this final recreation. He used the Book of Destiny to make Barry and Oliver criminals, and even eliminated their abilities.

That didn’t stop Oliver from shooting a gun towards a crane, setting it up to fall onto a nearby crowd. This forced the SuperDeegan to choose between saving people below and maintaining his Superman facade, or to deal with Barry and Oliver.

Barry isn’t a fan of this plan, but it buys the pair enough time to escape Deegan until a better plan can be formulated.

Deegan seems to have pulled in John Diggle and Caitlyn Snow, (who looks super attractive in her Killer Frost vibe outfit can I say) as minions of his to stand there and praise dark Superman.

Supergirl is locked inside the pipeline, which Barry previously admits is a prison. I love that the crossover brought out so many truths to the forefront. Deegan is unsure what to make of her, since Kara isn’t from this Earth, but from Earth-38.

It must have been startling for Kara to witness an alternate version of her sister Alex, working for Deegan, as she was trapped inside the cell. At least Kara was able to help this other Alex Danvers see how taking agency over her life will do her good.

Alex helping Kara to escape and understanding the life Director Danvers lives on Earth-38 almost makes up for the weird straight vibe they were attempting to write Alex into. Plus, I hate Alex’s hairstyle in this alternate universe. Just cut it off.

The life  created for Cisco by this latest redo via the Book of Destiny is awesome. I loved seeing Cisco be a crime boss, taking no shit from anyone. Plus, it was cool to see James Olsen as his bodyguard.

I wanted to get rid of Superdick as much as Cisco did. Which is why when Oliver and Barry manage to strike a deal with Mr. Ramon, I was super miffed that the Moniter pulled them away from their plans. All he did was waste their time and say he can’t help them, they had to fix the universe, blah blah blah.

Eventually though, Superman is vibed in from Earth-38. Lois is an awesome partner to be cool with all these off-planet missions Clark goes on. I wish she were my wife.

The Book of Destiny is procured from the time vault, and all seems to be going according to plan, as Clark starts putting everything back in it’s proper order. Unfortunately, his efforts only last long enough to give Supergirl, the Flash, and Green Arrow their abilities before Deegan swoops in to steal the book back.

He’s really messed up this time, as Barry and Kara are desperate to slow down the Earth, racing from at fast speeds to avoid Deegan making an even bigger mess this time.

Clark is worried for his cousin, as he spotted a timeline where Supergirl and Flash’s efforts would be fatal. They of course follow through with their plan anyways, and Oliver pleads for the Flash and Supergirl’s case with the Moniter at his weird space realm base of operations.

Who knows what Oliver sacrificed here to foil Deegan’s plans for good, but it works. Brainy, J’onn, and Lois are sent into the fray for backup. Clark goes up against Deegan as Brainy attacks the robot from earlier in the episode.

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Kara and Flash are safe thanks to Oliver, who uses a special arrow to destroy the Book of Destiny for good. Lois decides to get involved, and eventually falls. She’s quickly rescued by Clark and everything seems to be okay again.

Clark, Kara and Lois return to the Kent Farm. Lois and Clark reveal to Kara that they’re expecting, and they plan on returning to Argo to care for their child. I suppose 2 supers on Earth-38 are enough.

Clark’s sweet proposal and trust in Kara to protect their Earth is sweet. But I will miss seeing Clark and Lois on screen together.

The bromance between Barry and Oliver continues on Earth-1, as they drink away the events that Deegan caused. Oliver remains tight-lipped about the sacrifice he made to save Barry and Kara. I suppose whatever it is was worth it to maintain hope and happiness that the Flash and Supergirl offer the world.

A cool cameo by Batwoman warns Oliver over the phone. She hopes Deegan and Psycho Pirate don’t have more nefarious plans in store at Arkam. Oliver can’t be certain, but the brief previous offers some insight into what The Crisis on Infinite Earths will bring in the Fall of 2019.

If that’s too long of a wait for you like it is for this writer, feel free to rewatch recent episodes of The Flash, Arrow, and Supergirl online and on the CW app.

For now, we’ll all have to wait for Spring 2019 to see how all the aforementioned shows continue through the conclusion of their seasons. Enjoy some smiley behind-the-scenes photos to hold you over until then.

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