2019 will be a big year for Stephen King fans — not only does IT: Chapter II hit theaters September 6, 2019, but the Pet Sematary reboot will precede it on April 5!
We all really want a trailer, but based on how withholding they were with the first film it is unlikely we will see an official trailer anytime soon, though speculations are increasing on an announcement coming based on Stephen King recently tweeting about the project.

It: Chapter 2 Teaser Poster from the “It Movie” official Facebook [Warner Bros.]

Andy Muschetti will be returning as director for the second film, and all of the child actors will be reprising their roles for various flashbacks [unseen in the original film]. Almost more importantly are the stars portraying the now-grown children of the first movie as they are summoned back by Mike [adult played by Isaiah Mustafa and child played by Chosen Jacobs] 27 years later when “It” returns.

Luckily we won’t have to wait 27 years, just 9 more months before they give birth to a new iteration of IT. To comfort you during the wait, you can check out the work of the other actors brought in to play the aged-up roles — including James MacAvoy as adult Will (he will also be starring in “Glass” reprising his role as the villain from “Split” this January!), Bill Hader (playing an older Richie – also, don’t miss Finn Wolfhard in stranger Things Season 3 this summer) and the wonderful Jessica Chastain ended up taking the role of Beverly – which was the dream casting of the directors.

Skarsgard as Pennywise from “It” – Warner Bros.

And Bill Skarsgard will be back as Pennywise, but after It and Castle Rock do we even need to announce his involvement? So mark your calendars now, that’s Pet Sematary in April, Stranger Things this summer, then IT: Chapter 2 this September!