There is one thing that we all love right now and that’s the impressive horror movies that are gracing our screens on a yearly basis. Some of them are total hits while others are total misses, but we love horror films all the same. We’re living in a golden age for horror, with more than enough graphic and technological advances to make even the weirdest horror seem real, we’re still riding the high of the 2018 horrors that have passed us by. It wouldn’t do to stop now, not when there’s a whole heap of new films coming in for 2019 that just cannot be missed – no matter the type of horror you love, whether it’s a psychological horror or a hack-and-slash horror.

What you need to do now is sit back and buckle up; there are a lot of horrors coming out this year, and you’re going to get so engrossed you’ll end up logging in and taking a Psychopath Test all on your own to see if your love of new characters is because you’re just like them – except Annabelle, of course! Let’s take a look at four of the horror films in 2019 that you really need to start getting hyped about; we know we are!


Image Source: Pexels

The Final Wish. Brought to you by Final Destination staple Jeffrey Reddick, you get a tale of new terror away from the FD series that grace the 00’s, with this new film starring Lin Shaye of Insidious fame and Michael Welch of Twilight alum. Welch stars as a man who returns home after the death of his father to face his mother, and the dark family past. By sheer accident, he unleashes a force of terror that reminds him to be careful what he wishes for!

The Prodigy. Not the 90s band, but the film directed by Nicholas McCarthy. It’s a story about a young boy who starts to show signs of evil possession and is brought to therapy by his terrified mother. We’ve got to say, much as there isn’t the buzz surrounding it, McCarthy has stated some of the film had to be edited because the test audiences screamed so loudly that they missed the dialogue. Movie, anyone?

Us. Jordan Peele, director of Get Out is back again with another epic film. He brought horror to the Oscars with his first attempt and now with Us, he has brought a film that speaks to us about home invasion and how we are our own worst enemies. Quite literally, in this film, but we’ll let you watch the trailer and decide this one.

Pet Sematary. The darkest book in the Stephen King book line up is finally being adapted to the big screen. It’s a scary novel and it’s been placed into good hands that are bringing it to life. We won’t say too much here, wouldn’t want to give away the book AND the film and ruin the arts, but it’s definitely one to watch!

2019 is shaping up to be a horrific year, and we’re already brewing the popcorn. How about you?