If anyone asks me what my favorite horror film is, I’m usually hesitant to respond. I love classics like Nosferatu and An American Werewolf in London. Then there’s The Exorcist and A Nightmare on Elm Street. However, I also love newer films such as A Quiet Place or both the versions of It. What I am trying to convey is, I love horror films. Stephen King’s books took me to dark strange places in my early years and I haven’t looked back since. It goes without saying, when I heard Pet Sematary was being rejuvenated, I squealed with joy and danced around, like a flame created by Charlene.


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For those that haven’t had the joy of reading or watching the original 1989 version of Pet Sematary fear not because I’ll happily give you a tiny rundown. However, if you want the plot to be a surprise just turn right around. If you’re only here for the release date which is, April 5th, 2019, I will happily oblige otherwise, fasten your seatbelts you’re in for a treat.

1989 pet sematary

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Pet Sematary is about Louis Creed, Jason Clarke, his wife Rachel, Amy Seimetz, their daughter Ellie, Jeté Laurence, their son Gage, Hugo Lavoie, and their adorable cat Church. After Louis is offered a position at the University of Maine, the family makes the move from Chicago, Illinois to Ludlow, Maine. Upon settling in they meet a lovely elderly neighbor named Jud Crandall, John Lithgow, who warns the family to keep an eye on their cat, because of a nearby highway.

highway pet sematary 1989

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A few days later, Jud takes the family to the nearby pet cemetery. This space was created by children, hence why cemetery is spelled “sematary”. After this visit, Louis’s life takes an outrageously dark turn filled with anger, violence, and a dash of death. Louis’s world is turned upside down as he attempts to traverse between the fine line of life and death. Will he succumb to death himself or will their feline companion be the only one? It’s true what King said, “Sometimes dead is better”.

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Stephen King is a living legend in my eyes, and I will always adore his work. It pleases me to hear that Pet Sematary is getting the revamping it deserves. After sitting on this story for 30 years, almost to the day, who knows what extra creepy elements will be added to the story? I think a 30-year anniversary will spark some big surprises along the way. In the end, all I can say is hail to the King.

If your ready to get pumped, here is the official trailer.