With all eyes focused on Nintendo for releasing two mega-hits — Pokémon: Let’s Go! and Super Smash Bros: Ultimate — just in time for the holidays, it’s not hard to see that the Switch’s supposed “sophomore slump” is just that; supposed.

Though Nintendo has remained quiet on potential DLC for this fall’s hit, Super Mario Party, which has surpassed 1 million lifetimes sales, there must be some downloadable goodies awaiting public consumption. The company has heavily supported Mario Tennis Aces with new characters, courts and more since being released this summer. 

Here’s our wish list for what a Super Mario Party DLC pack would entail:

Boards, Boards and Boards! 


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When Super Mario Party was released in October, fans were upset that only four game boards came preloaded. Though (blessedly) stripping away the “let’s all ride together in one card” mechanic, the lack of boards available to party the traditional way made this entry in the dynamic franchise a little less dynamic. With a slew of Nintendo IPs available (and proof that gaming crossovers print money *cough* the Super Smash series and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe), we hope to see some themed boards, including a Super Mario Odyssey board, a Breath of the Wild board and — to ramp up anticipation for the 2019 game, an Animal Crossing-themed board as well. 

A New Player Has Joined The Fun

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Though Nintendo loaded the game with a handful of Mario favorites, our hope for a DLC pack would be to take that to the next level. Brining the Odyssey-inspired Pauline or the lovable or even Dixie Kong to the fold could breathe new life into the roster. If Nintendo goes the route of including themed boards, throw in a fan-favorite from that franchise into the mix.

A Better Online Experience

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If Nintendo is worried that the masses won’t sit on their couch and play a 10-round game of Super Mario Party with their friends online, they are mistaken. Many fans hoped that this would be included at launch, but Nintendo gave fans a paired down, oft-forgotten online mode. Adding in a way to play a shorty board game with the beefed up Nintendo Switch Online program would allow for exciting fun with friends afar.

More Party Games 

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The list wouldn’t be complete without the evergreen request for more minigames. If Nintendo wanted to look back and see what worked well with other franchises, taking a similar approach to Mart Kart 8’s DLC is a solid starting point. The DLC pack released new tracks while also diving into the vault for some remastered fan-favorite courses. If Nintendo wanted to bank on the nostalgia factor with Super Mario Party, releasing high-definition remasters of minigame favorites — while also providing new, unique games — might just do the trick. 

As we’ve said before, Super Mario Party is a solid entry in the long-running franchise. The lack of boards does leave something to be desired, and it’s hopefully something Nintendo has a remedy for if the game hopes to have longevity heading into 2019. 

What would you want to see from a Super Mario Party DLC release? Share your wishlist in the comments below.