The eSports market, especially video gaming, has grown exponentially over the past decade. We are seeing more and more players joining the space as video games become more interesting and entertaining by the day. 

One of the most exciting parts about exploring video games is stumbling upon great minigames. These are secondary games within the main game that you can revisit anytime you need a break from the main gameplay. 

The best minigames are those that will keep you hooked on the screen for hours. Most of them will make you forget about the main game’s storyline entirely. This article ranks the best video game minigames to try out in 2022. 

1. Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2

This minigame by Rockstar will get you lost in a virtual casino gambling world for hours. Since its debut in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 has been a gamers’ favorite, especially due to its exciting minigames. 

One of the best ways to augment your Red Dead Redemption2 experience is by sitting at a poker table in a smoke-filled and dusty bar. The poker room is designed with stunning graphics to deliver the perfect casino setting experience.

Once seated at the poker table, you will have a chance to make wagers that can either grow or deprive your virtual bankroll. Although you won’t win real money at a Red Dead Redemption 2 poker room, you will get to experience immersive and thrilling gambling. 

2. Five Finger Fillet in Red Dead Redemption 2 

Red Dead Redemption features stunning graphics and characters that will teleport you to the Wild West, where you can gamble with bounty hunters, rowdy sheriffs, and farmhands. 

This minigame is impressive because Arthur Morgan does not seem to care about losing his fingers. By trusting his filleting skills, he can gladly duel in the fast-paced game without hurting himself. 

However, you must hit the right button at the right time to win the game. If Arthur accidentally stubs himself or his opponent overtakes him, the game is over. The game has a dangerous storyline, but it is very exhilarating. 

Although the major allure to Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Blackjack and Poker mini games, you can always opt for something wilder like real money blackjack. Click here to learn more about online blackjack casinos.

3. Demontower in Night in The Woods 

Mae finds herself engaged in plenty of teenage activities in the sleepy, dreamy town of Possum Springs. Apart from socializing with neighbors and hanging out with friends, she can also lock herself up in her room and play video games. 

Demontower is a 2D rogue minigame in the popular Night in the Woods. This impressively detailed minigame will take you through a series of nine procedurally-generated and challenging levels. 

You will have to lead Palecat in defeating enemies, including bosses, and locate the key in every level to the ninth. You will have a variety of special abilities, attacks, multiple endings and loot within the gameplay. 

Demontower is a remarkable and content-rich minigame that delivers great satisfaction upon completion. 

4. Orlog in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

Orlog is a thrilling dice game that gives you a chance to pastime when you need to unwind and break away from all the dramas of the Brotherhood and the Templars. The gameplay is a bit complicated, but you can master it after a few attempts. 

Who goes first in the game is determined by a coin flip. Each round consists of three phases. In each phase, you must steal as many of your opponent’s stones as possible. The number of stones stolen is determined by the face of the dice, which can either defend players from attacks, steal tokens, or damage enemies. 

Orlog has become so popular among gamers that many have taken up campaigns lobbying for its standalone release. 

5. Golf in Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 is a game that’s associated with lots of violence and warring gangs, which makes a Golf minigame the best supplement to the gameplay. Golf is a relaxed and stress-free game, allowing you a chance to unwind and calm down. 

While the Golf minigame has appeared in the previous GTA titles, the latest version offers the freshest gameplay with amazing details. GTA V’s Los Santos Golf Club delivers a somewhat realistic golf experience

From the luxury club to the hefty registration and entrance fees, the minigame nails it down to what any golf enthusiast will need. The game’s impressive controls render it a gamers’ choice. Provided you have enough money to spend at the golf club, you should try this minigame. 

6. The Bedroom in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The Biohazard version of Resident Evil 7 is not a difficult game, and as such, its escape-room minigame came as a surprise to many. The Bedroom is a unique puzzle game that synchs well with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’s survival horror theme. 

In this minigame, you will find yourself stuck in a big bedroom that’s guarded by a creepy host, Margueritte. You must search for clues when the guard is away and put everything back the way it was before she returns. 

If the guard notices that something is out of place, she will start vomiting insects and kill the player, restarting the entire ordeal. The Bedroom is a thrilling minigame that tests detective skills and stealth. 

7. Squid Jump in Splatoon 2 

You might consider trying out the Squid Jump minigame if you want to take a few steps back from the action-filled Splatoon 2. The arcade Machine offers a wide range of retro games like Quid Racer and Squid Beatz.

Squid Jump is typically a 2D game where you must control a squid that must avoid the rising ink by simply jumping from one platform to the next. The game starts out in easy mode but gets more challenging as you progress. 

The platforms will gradually transform into moving conveyor belts, unstable clouds, or slippery ice. Besides the different gameplay stages, there are several power-ups in the form of jellyfish and fish that render the game even more interesting.