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Oliver makes a choice that will affect his entire life, as well as the lives of everyone he cares about. – the CW

This episode was an entirely Oliver centric episode. It was a fast and furious, seriously the episode flew by. This was an action packed, fight packed episode which means you really shouldn’t read my recap but instead watch it because my words aren’t gonna be doing any justice. But whatever here we go.

Ollie’s getting out of Slabside today and Diaz is coming in today. The prison is about to go to hell. Diaz makes a grand entrance with a guard in his pocket and he kills two guards for Diaz. Ollie calls Stanley out for the murder of the guard. Claims he was just doing what the Green arrow would do. I definitely don’t trust him and neither does Oliver. Ollie’s gonna leave him to rot in jail. Ollie is making some amends before he leaves—he is gonna right his wrong to Bronze Tiger, gonna take to Lyla maybe help get him out or something. Still no sign of Diaz but he is somewhere in the prison.

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I spoke too soon—Ollie’s got a surprise visitor and it is none other than Ricardo Diaz aka the Dragon. He has come for his revenge—no shit. Ollie promises to end him and Diaz rebuttals with promising to kill him. Side note this dude mumbles a lot—really makes his threats menacing. Anyways he is all like I’m gonna kill William after I’m done with you and Ollie freaks out and breaks the glass between the two of them. The guards stop him and Ollie warns them of Diaz, offers to help. It’s unclear if the believe him but they don’t want his help. Ollie’s got two hours left in Slabside but who knows now. And Ollie made a tiny explosive with deodorant, gum, soap and a lighter—it’s a prison break. If the guards won’t call in reinforcements, he will. It’s Ollie vs. a bunch of guards and he kicks some serious ass.

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Meanwhile Diaz has taken over the prison recruiting inmates to help him kill Oliver Queen and insights a riot setting all the prisoners loose. Ollie is still at large. Brick and Sampson find him and start their own beat down until Bronze Tiger interferes and evens the playing field. I’m liking good guy Bronze Tiger. We’ve got an old fashioned team up on our hands. Diaz has jammed all calls from going in and out of the prison—Ollie isn’t getting any help on this one. Diaz murders another guard to further entice Oliver. The prison has gone to hell—every single prisoner has now been released and Diaz is gonna keep killing until he gets to Ollie and it’s all his fault.

Tiger and Ollie need to fight there way to the mess hall where Diaz is posted up. Inmates are killed guards and Ollie isn’t about to let that happen. More fighting—some real good prison beat downs again rivaling Daredevil. The rescued guards telling Ollie and Tiger Diaz is in the mess hall with thirty inmates. The pair split up, Ollie to get weapons Tiger to escort the guards to the panic room.

Stanley is officially tapped he drugs and ties up Ollie. He is still trying to be Ollie’s friend/sidekick. He wants to escape with Ollie. When Ollie turns him down he becomes even more unhinged—I’m actually starting to feel bad for him. Okay maybe not, he confesses to kill more people, lots of people. And Ollie breaks free and smashes his face. Tiger and Ollie catch up and the plan is to stop Diaz with a can of soda?

In the mess hall inmates are beating guards like piñatas. Brick and Diaz make fast friends. Ollie soon joins the party without Bronze Tiger—I think they have something planned. And Tiger shows up and drops Ollie a pillowcase filled with cans and he beats some more ass too bad Diaz has rigged the whole place to blow. The prison soon catches on flames and I’m pretty sure Bronze Tiger just killed Derek Sampson. The pair again splits up. Tiger to escort guards out and Ollie’s going after Diaz. Tiger wishes him luck and gives Ollie his shiv saying “no half measures.”

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Slabside is on fire and it’s the final showdown of the Green Arrow and the Dragon? They trade blows until it looks like Diaz has the upper hand, even stabbing Ollie with the shiv. Diaz taunts Ollie telling him “prison has made him weak.” He starts talking about Felicity and Oliver musters the power to get up. He stabs him and then knocks him out but he does lock him in a cell of a burning prison so, maybe he is dead.

Elsewhere psycho Stanley finds Brick in the morgue and kills him while he is trying to escape. Stanley himself then escapes—could he be the new bad guy?

Ollie leaves Bronze Tiger his copy of the Count of Monte Crisco and walks out a free man to meet Diggle and Felicity. Bronze Tiger is still locked up but he has now earned the respect of the guards. The episode closes with Ollie embraces Felicity.

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